Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 4

Here are some highlights of our fourth week at Vidant!   

Kate was SO close to hitting that four pound mark this day!
Still in her isolette, resting away

Andrew starting to get some chubby cheeks.  He broke out of his swaddle!
Life is just SO exhausting here at the hospital!
Kate enjoying a visit with Nana and Granny Baker
Of course Andrew got a visit too
"Mom, what are we doing here?!?!" 
All stretched out 
A lot of times we held them during their feeds which Kate is getting here
A girl has got to have some clothes - and these are just her preemie ones! :) 

My mom brought the boys for a short visit and then we ate lunch together in the cafeteria.  They were so excited to see their brother and sister!  This was the first time they got to see them out of their isolettes.

Harrison kept saying, "Talk, talk baby, talk!" He didn't understand that they couldn't talk yet!  He also almost tripped on their monitor wires and about pulled the bassinet over. Life with a 2 year old...

A HUGE milestone this week was that the babies got to have their first bottle and we started working on eating without the feeding tube.  

The bottle was about as big as his head
The burp face

Daddy's first time holding both

Sweet snuggles from Daddy

Kate made it into her bassinet this week. 

Kate swaddled up in a blanket that was mine 
Getting bigger!
A huge milestone this week was the babies learning to take a bottle. We had been told it could take weeks for them to learn to eat from a bottle, to suck, swallow and breathe.  The first bottles we gave them they only took 5 and 7 mls.  By the next day a light bulb had come on and they both began to take the whole bottle!!!  We were all amazed that they learned how to do it so fast! For a couple of days they alternated feeds by bottle with feeds via the feeding tube. Then one day Kate decided to pull out her feeding tube and they let her keep it out to see how she would do and she did great!  It was SO wonderful to see her without that feeding tube and to finally get to see and kiss her sweet face with no medical equipment on it.  

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