Saturday, October 17, 2015

One Month Old

Well, we didn't have the cute sign or sticker or cupcake to celebrate the babies one month birthday  We actually were both really exhausted and a little discouraged this day but we did at least get some photos to celebrate the one month milestone.  It is amazing how much they both have changed in just a month! 

On their real one month birthday we didn't get to the hospital till really late after Ryan was done working.
I love watching Ryan snuggle them
Such a good daddy
The next day we told their nurse we wanted to do a one month photo shoot and she gladly obliged. 

We had to get them dressed up in their first monogrammed outfits!

The nurse got the portable monitor and we got 30 minutes of time together- this is a big treat for us! 

Kate was making some strange faces

The nurse went to do something and I said, "Quick, let's put them in the bed together."  They were just precious laying side by side!!!!

Happy One Month Andrew and Kate!!!

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