Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 5

Week 5 at Vidant! 
Pappy getting to feed Kate

So happy for Margy to get to meet the babies and say hello

After the babies started taking their feeds by bottle well we were approached with the possibility of if we would want to move them to the hospital in New Bern now that they were more stable.  We were excited to know that all of our kids would be in the same town and I wouldn't have to keep making the hour drive back and forth each day. However it was very bittersweet to leave the doctors and nurses at Vidant and a little bit scary for me.  Part of me didn't want to leave the protective bubble that the babies were in but the caretakers at Vidant assured me that they were ready. They both had to get their eye exam from the pediatric ophthalmologist before they were cleared to leave and New Bern had to find us a spot in the hospital but after all that happened they were good to go. 

All packed up!

I love that they got to ride together!

Pretty high-tech ride!
So long special care nursery!

Finally in New Bern

This was the first full day they were in town and it confirmed to me that we made the right decision. Ryan stopped by to visit in between surgeries.  It is so much easier for him to get to see the babies now that they are at the hospital he works at and it also means I always get to see all four kids every day. 
This was technically the day after they turned five weeks but since they were traveling on their five week birthday we had to make do. I decided to dress them up and do a little photo shoot. 

Cuddles with Mom
5 weeks old!

Give me a kiss!

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