Saturday, October 10, 2015

Newest Members of the Pirate Nation

This was definitely a special day during our time in the NICU.  Our family had come to Greenville for the weekend to spend time with the babies and Ryan was going to take James to the football game with my family to spend some special time with him.  The night before we came I found James and Harrison's little ECU hat and brought it for Andrew to wear so he could also support the Pirates.  At this point we were not allowed to just pick up and hold the babies whenever we wanted to and we had never held them close together.  I had never even gotten to hold them both on the same day. Our fabulous nurse that day decided to let us take the babies out for a photo shoot and we were thrilled!  This was the first day that Ryan got to hold Andrew, my dad and David got to hold the babies for the first time, and it was the first time Ryan and I got to be with both babies together.  So special!!!  The fact that the nurse took time away from everything else she needed to do to make this happen for us (it is no easy move to pick these babies up when they are attached to so many things) and also used all of our phones to take pictures for us just shows the level of care and compassion these nurses have for the babies and the families.  Definitely a day I will always remember! 

Go Pirates!
Ryan's first time holding Andrew

David with his namesake
First time with both together!

David getting to hold Kate
A proud Pappy! I will never forget when he picked her up and he said, "Now would not be a good time to have a funble." Lol
I don't think my smile could have gotten any bigger. I was so happy!

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