Sunday, April 20, 2014

Egg Hunting

Our Easter plans got a little scaled back due to a rough week of sickness. Thankfully the kids were feeling much better and though I was still struggling we decided to go to the big Easter egg hunt at the church where James goes to preschool.

One thing we did not get to do because of sickness was get our typical picture with the Easter bunny . I was so excited to walk in and see the bunny at the egg hunt!

H was starting to freak out so James gave him a kiss

Unfortunately it didn't work! 

"Don't make me go back to the bunny Mom"- H
 They had all sorts of fun games and inflatables before the hunt.

Fishing for prizes 

Tossing the Easter bunny 

Cake walk- he won! 
My favorite activity was the photo booth. 

Finally it was time to find some eggs. They had something like 6,000 eggs. James filled up his basket in no time. Harrison was hilarious. He took off under the rope before it was time and kept trying to take everyone's eggs!

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