Friday, March 31, 2017

March Misc

Time for another post with WAY too many pictures!  What can I say, lots of living and memories going on around here! 

Dr Suess week 

Breakfast time- we have been consuming a TON of food lately.  The other morning we went through a double batch of pancakes AND a dozen eggs. This is in addition to the half of gallon of milk we drink per day! 

Not looking too excited about their follow up appointment at the dr. We have had way too many ear infections this winter!

Sometimes a cheese stick makes everything right in life 

Snuggles while we wait for James 

Let me tell you the open floor plan is over rated. We love having doors that we can shut and lock LOL 

Fixing me a pizza 
Kate loves to ride this horse!

One night this month Ryan was working late and I had made pork chops which no one (myself included) was real excited about.  Well everyone begrudgingly ate them but I knew the boys had to still be hungry so I put them babies to bed and as a surprise ordered pizza. :)  

A lot of our life excitement revolves around food at this house

So happy Sara came to visit!

Our attempt at a selfie...

Miss Priss showing off her boots 

First wagon ride

The look you give when everyone can't fit in Mama's lap 

Yogurt was a big hit 

We have loved the pretty days at the park 

The smallest snow fall ever 

Babies first snow!

The big boys spent the night at my parents so we decided to take Andrew and Kate out to have some special time as our "only children".  It was amazing how easy it felt with "just twins" lol. 

My little lion at the school circus 

I randomly found this picture of Kate riding in the kids meal car from Andys. She was barely five pounds at that point!


Making 3-d shapes with marshmallows 

Kate got frustrated using her spoon and decided to eat her applesauce in a new way 

Another day, another sickness. This time a 104.8 fever :( 

Back at the pediatrician's office! This time for our 18 month well check. 

I think we were there at least four times this month. 

double meltdown 

double trouble 

Fun day at the beach 

Tis the season for smocked bunnies 

Sometimes you gotta take your nap in the fort 

Ice cream date with my biggest boy 

We had the fun experience of seeing James and Ryan be filmed for a commercial for the hospital 

The make up artist did a great job- he definitely looks sick! 

Harrison's art for the preschool fundraiser 

Checking out baby Lucy. "Baba!" 

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