Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day!

Ryan planned a super sweet Mother's Day weekend for me this year.  It started off on Saturday with a date together. First we stopped by Superior to get a margarita and then he had made a reservation for us at Mabry house.  It might seem strange to some people to start at a Mexican place and then go somewhere so nice but that is why I love him- he knows me so well! 

The food was the best it had ever been there- absolutely delicious! It may seem odd that we went so early to dinner but Ryan and I have figured out the secret to babysitting.  Have your dates early while the kids are still up and are cranky, come home right in time to put them to bed and then let the date continue while they are asleep! 

The next morning Ryan got up with the kids and they made me some muffins for breakfast. 

James had made Mother's Day and Father's Day presents at school and he insisted that Ryan needed his this day as well. 

A special key chain for Daddy!

He had painted me this pretty canvas
Next we headed to our typical Sunday breakfast spot- Panera. Love that we can eat outside! 
Harrison decided that he LOVES mac and cheese 


Love Ryan's photo bomb in the back

The ole family selfie 
We spent the afternoon at the park and then afterwards Ryan took the kids to pick out a new pool for the summer while I had some time at home alone to fix dinner. Can't ask for much more than that! It was a great weekend! 

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