Saturday, May 17, 2014

Magic Kingdom!

If there is one thing I can guarantee it's that my kids always miss the memo that after a long day of travel and minimal napping you are supposed to let your mom sleep until at least 5 a.m. Sooooo we were up bright and early. 

Hello bedhead 

Which lead to this before we even got to the theme park. Yikes! What are we getting ourselves into?!?!

At least the rest of the family seemed excited. 

Before we even left I broke my sunglasses and Ryan confessed he forgot to bring the camera- the one thing he was in charge of packing. Thank goodness for cell phones! And Nana had her camera so we will be doing another post once I get her pictures because hers are much better than mine. 

Turned around and caught the boys holding hands. Gotta remember those moments!
I love the feeling you get when you drive in- it really is magical! 

After parking we got on this golf cart thing for a ride to the monorail.  Getting the double stroller on here- not so easy! 

Riding the monorail was a huge hit. James probably would have been content to just ride that thing the entire day!

The first thing that happened was a little mini show on Main street. 

Then we had to attempt to get the golden Disney picture: a picture in front of Cinderella's castle (even though my boys don't even know who Cinderella is). Needless to say from the following pictures, no, we did not get the coveted perfect picture. Or if we did it is on Nana's camera. :) 

This is our one family shot from Disney world. Come on boys- give me something I can put in a picture frame because this is not it. 

James's version of "Look at the camera and smile"
He decided he was NOT having his picture taken anymore. 3 year olds. Got to love them. 

Next stop the carousel. I hate those things so I was thankful for Pop being willing to take James. 

Then the teacups. Another one of my least favorites. I just cannot handle the spinning. Wow, I sound pretty pathetic. I will actually ride just about anything as long as it doesn't spin. 

I wanna ride the teacups. 

Then we hit up all sorts of other rides! James loved them. Harrison was a little freaked out by some. 

Without a doubt Harrison's favorite ride was "It's a Small World." For a kid who gets excited about seeing a ceiling fan, all of those twirling whirling dolls and objects was just a dream come true. He was memorized. 

Not sure what ride this was but Harrison doesn't seem impressed. Also the amount of selfie pictures we took on this trip should not be allowed. 

After a while H started to look like this: 

So I attempted to get him to take a nap but no such luck.  During this time James was riding the race cars which I think was his very favorite ride. He loved it so much that when it was over Ryan brought him to me kicking and screaming because he wanted to keep riding. Yep, we were that family.  

Our attempt at a nap
 When your kid acts terrible at Disney world what do you do? Reward them with ice cream at 10 a.m. of course! It may have helped that I was really wanting some ice cream as well. 

All is right with the world again. 
 After eating dessert first we went and had lunch. It's vacation - gotta be flexible! 

This boy can eat!

So glad we rented the double stroller. I'm wishing I had one at home now. 

Then- time for more rides!

Both of my kids hated this one- too loud! 

Once again Harrison looks miserable, lol. He really did have a good time, I promise. 
James LOVED Dumbo
 Ryan was getting ready to have to leave for the conference. Before he left we decided to take James on his first roller coaster. I was surprised- he did great!

After waiting in line 30 minutes this starts to happen.

Hang on tight! 

Then we road the train back to Main Street to tell Ryan goodbye. 

Final selfie of the day
After Ryan left we rode a couple more rides and then we had this/  
Miracles do happen. First time James has fallen asleep in a stroller. 
 And we had this. 
Double miracle- both kids asleep at the same time. 
 I don't have any pictures to document the next couple of hours but let's just leave it at James having a huge meltdown, me losing my cell phone, waiting in line forever at Buzz Light year, breaking out of the middle of the Buzz Light year line due to a meltdown from both kids, riding some more rides, and Mommy feeling like she needs a glass of wine or a sedative. Have I mentioned how glad I am Ryan's parents were with me??? Hey- it's not Disney if you aren't miserable at least part of the day! Just kidding. I have been with kids enough to expect a few hiccups throughout the day.

Sweet Pop took James to ride the race cars again and Nana, H, and I took a nice snack break in the air conditioned restaurant. It was at this point I decided it was time to call it a day. 

Of course James REALLY wanted to ride the tea cups again. And he REALLY wanted to meet Mickey Mouse (which ended up being quite the lengthy experience).  So off we went to ride the teacups and meet Mickey. After all- how often are you at the Magic Kingdom? 

Waiting for Mickey

Final monorail ride 
It actually was an amazing day. As corny as it sounds throughout the day I kept tearing up at times. Getting to have this special time with my husband and kids and wonderful in-law was incredible. I loved getting to witness special memories being made. And believe it or not I'm already ready to go back!

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  1. How fun!!!! And no camera at DISNEY? Ryan!

    I get so dizzy on carousels so I totally understand!