Monday, May 5, 2014

Harrison 11 Months

Harrison, I can't believe in one month you will be a whole year old!  Wow this year has flown by!  You bring so much joy and laughter to our family. Your daddy and I constantly say, "He is such a funny baby."   Your personality is SO different than your brother.  You are extremely serious. You have a bored-tolerant attitude towards all of us.  However you have a beautiful smile and also love to laugh. When you see your Dad or James you go crazy, kicking your legs, laughing, and bouncing up and down. When you see your mom you cry, lol. You are cruising all over the place and can walk while pushing your toys.  

You continue to eat everything (pollen and rocks are two of your most recent dinning experiences) and you climb into some unusual places.  I also caught you chewing on the electrical chord this past month. Not my proudest moment as a mom!  Your least favorite thing is still the car seat. After 11 months you would think maybe you would have learned to tolerate it. No such luck. 

The words you can say are "Mama, Dada, Uh-oh, No no no, and ball."  Your favorite toy is a ball and you say ball about 1000 times a day. You love to turn the lights on and off and you enjoy feeding your mom parts of your food.  You love fruit but your favorite food is definitely still cheese. Whenever we have a house showing I give you cheese to make you happy so I can speed clean!  You also love to drink water, you like playing in the sandbox and anything else outside. The past month has been rough.  We went to NC where you stopped sleeping through the night (after doing it for the only 2 weeks of your life).  When we came back you began getting up between 2:45 and 4:30 every day since. You also had a TERRIBLE case of hand foot and mouth disease.  Thankfully you are over all of that now.  

You may be one of the most well-traveled babies in the world. By the time you are one you will have been on 9 trips for a total of 34 flights. Wow. And all this with a mom who hates flying!  

One of the sweetest moments that you have had with James happened this last week. I was going to wake James up from his nap and you crawled behind me.  When you got to his room you pushed open his door and crawled right on top of James, grinning the whole time. When James woke up and saw you he said, "Oh Harrison!" and gave you a HUGE hug and a kiss right smack on the lips!  You then put your head on James' shoulder and hugged him back.  I hope you both always love each other as much as you do now. We love you so much Harrison! 

Suffering from hand foot and mouth 

Backyard playtime in pajamas 

Blackberry anyone?

Just pulled a few things out...

Thankfully this is just dirt

Nothing like boys and mud

Somehow the clothes disappeared

Gimme a bath!
H had to go to the eye dr. They dilated his eyes and told him to wear these home.
Good news- no need for glasses yet!  

Just trying out a rock for dinner 

Nice hair buddy

I don't think it tasted very good

Getting stuck under the train table 

Chewing on a lemon 

Mr. Serious 

James- silly.  Harrison- serious 

2 sweet boys!

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