Saturday, May 10, 2014

Funny and Sweet Sayings

Here are some of the latest funny and sweet comments I have tried to remember.

"You're just so pretty mommy"

"This is a really pretty house" (this cracked me up because it was at my parents' house which he has been to many many times and he said it while sitting on the potty!)

"I sure do love you so much Mommy."

"Daddy's my best friend"

"Um, Mommy I need to tell you something.  You need to go to the hair dresser because your hair is really messed up"

"One day I'm going to grow up to be a daddy and get married. But who will be my ring bear?"

"Mommy, I will be Jesus and you can be my disciples."

Emily "Ryan- you are in the doghouse!"  James- "Where is the doghouse?"

"I'm going to give Daddy 99 kisses so he has to stay here a long time."

"Daddy needs to stay here a trillion days so he doesn't go to work."

"I'm a doctor too so I need to go to work with Daddy."

"Mom, take zero minutes to do that."

"Mom, I'm going to go live on Mercury. Or maybe the cold planet. That way I can go sledding" (he then named ALL of the planets. Where he learned that I don't know!) "Oh, and Mom. Pluto is the little one."

"Bye Mommy! See you next year!" (as he runs down the hallway)

"Harrison, you are really stressing me out!"

"Mommy, I don't think Jesus lives on the island of Sodor."  Emily- "Where does Jesus live?" James- "In our heart.  But trains don't have hearts."

James- "Did you know some people put blood on their walls?"  Emily- "What are you talking about?"  James- "Moses in the bible told the people to put blood on the walls." Emily- "Well that's true but normally we don't do that."

"Hey mom, Y is a vowel but sometimes its a consonant."

"Did you know that crayons are made out of earwax?"

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