Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Misc

Instead of packing to move in approximately 84 hours I am feeling the need to keep working on the blog- still so behind but maybe one day I will be all caught up! Here are some of our May memories- our last full month in Shreveport! 

We are going to miss our days at Sci Port 

H went crazy with the water table 

Nene came for her very last visit 

Fun lunch/shopping date 

I think this may be more than Ryan wants to handle! 

Early morning play times 

Let me out! 

I got to skype with Shannon and Daniel- so thankful for technology!

Bday party for one of James's best friends, Ella Grace 

Does it look like our house is ready to show? 

This is what happens when you leave to take a shower...

Last day of preschool/Mother's Day Out

James wrote my name for me! 
Fun night with the Jarvis kiddos- love this pic! 

30th Birthday lunch with my boys

So thankful for whoever invented this cart 

It's like driving the suburban of shopping carts! 

Goodbye dinner with sweet Mrs. Leah 

Play date with Michael and Catherine at the duck pond 
This month was the beginning of many lasts. The last time to see people, go special places, etc. Lots of emotions as we end our time here in Shreveport! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun at the Zoo!

I have had a bucket list of things to do one more time before we leave Shreveport (and things to eat but that's a whole other story) and the zoo was one of them.  Ryan was finally off work and the weather was decent so we loaded up and headed to Tyler. It was an awesome day. The weather wasn't too hot, we were relaxed, the kids slept in the car (which is a miracle in itself for Harrison).  It was really a really special family day. 

Harrison seriously cracks me up. Lighten up a little buddy! 

Not many places you can eat with the giraffes 
Favorite part of the zoo- the sand pile 

Harrison LOVED it 

It was time to go and I turned to get Harrison and saw this. The kid had seriously laid down in the sand. He was so happy in that mess. He ended up spending the rest of the day in just a diaper.  

Ever since we went a year ago James has been begging to get one of the snow cones there. Harrison took one taste and went crazy for it. 

Right when we got back into town Ryan had to go to work and we had a house showing. I am so drained from these showings and I could not think of anything to do with the kids. We ended up taking one final trip to Frozen Frog. And anyone who knows me knows that to give my kids snow cones and ice cream in the same day just proves how chaotic and out of the ordinary our lives are right now.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sea World!

The final day of our trip was spent at Sea World. I had never been before so I was excited to see what it was all about. 

One of the first things we did was go on the ride in Antarctica and then saw the penguins. 

Unfortunately Harrison couldn't ride any rides at Sea World so we just took turns with James. 

Both kids were somewhat captivated by the sea lions. 

Time out for a beverage break
 They had a big area with kiddie rides and it was almost completely empty. James got to ride them all by himself with no wait! 

Harrison enjoyed the music area 

One of the highlights- a train you can ride and James got to be the conductor. 
The conductor
Our attempt at a picture
James is actually smiling! But what is H doing exactly??? 
James and I rode a roller coaster. He was fine and then we started the climb to the top (which was much higher than I realized) and he said, "I want to get off this thing!!!!!"  Luckily it only last about 30 seconds then it was over. 

 He totally suckered me into letting him play this game where you pick a duck and get a prize. 

And this is what he chose. 
Then it was time for some lunch! 

Oh Harrison- under, over, and into everything

 Then we went to get seats for the Shamu show. Since we had to wait for awhile we decided to get ice cream for dessert to eat in the stands. 

Family selfie 

I don't know how much longer Harrison is going to accept eating plain cheerios while the rest of us get ice cream 

When the show started James was captivated... for about 10 minutes 

The he started with the, "It's taking TOO LONG" so he got up and started dancing in the aisle 

Every time people clapped H got excited and joined in

And then..... look at what happened!!!!! 

That afternoon Ryan had more stuff to do at the conference. I did what I considered to be a huge accomplishment in that I took both kids to the pool by myself. 

That night we went to dinner and let's just say that it was one of those times that you realize after the fact that you just paid a lot of money to be miserable and you should have just eaten a bowl of cereal back at the condo. The kiddos were just not into sitting nicely and having dinner. Oh well! 

H was a big fan of the Florida oranges 

And of the pineapple 

Bribery to make it through the meal
Early the next morning it was back to the airport . This time we were lucky to get to use the luggage cart

And just a few pictures to have a glimpse into flying on a plane with the Holland crew 

 We sure were glad to be back in our home sweet home. A couple hours after arriving back we decided we needed to go to Superior Grill for happy hour to celebrate surviving the vacation. :) 

Overall it was a fabulous trip and I am already begging Ryan to let us go again.  He did tell me the conference would be in Orlando again in a few years so we shall see!