Friday, January 3, 2014

Harrison 7 Months

Harrison this past month we got to celebrate your first Christmas! It was so special.  We went to NC and you got to spend lots of time with your family and Mommy and Daddy left you overnight for the first time.  We also had your baby dedication. It has been a busy month! A few things about you lately.  You love to sit and play with your toys on a blanket.  You have such a sweet smile that we love.  Your bedtime is super early, around 5:30.  You are so tired by then that there is no way we could keep you up past that time. Unfortunately you still get up a lot throughout the night and are an early riser. Your brother loves you so much and you continue to tolerate him.  

Love this expression 

Music time with Daddy and James

Harrison was not too impressed with James's school performance 

This post is about Harrison but I just had to include how cute James looked at his program. He belted out those songs. I could hear him above the other 50 kids!

Christmas morning 

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