Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visiting with Nene and Pappy

Whenever we go to NC James with his crazy memory always has a list of things that he wants to do. I feel like we always have to include all of his favorite activities, everything from playing with certain toys to helping Nene make bread.  The kid always has an agenda in his mind from the time we step off the plane!  

Happy to see Nene 

And Pappy 

Getting to work creating a picture 

Have I mentioned that the child will not eat any bread except my mom's? He tells me "I only like Nene bread" 
 The circus was in town so my parents decided to take James. Truthfully I was thankful to get to stay at the house and do nothing while they were gone! 

James came home and started trying to show me all the tricks that the circus people did. It was pretty hilarious. 

The weather wasn't great, but we were able to spend some time outside 

One of the things on James's agenda: riding in Pappy's convertible 
 James went to church with Nene to run an errand and convinced her to let him play on the playground for awhile. 

While Ryan and I were out of town for job stuff my mom and James did all sorts of fun things together. The funny thing is she let him go out in his pajama top. I guess she didn't realize it was his pjs! 

This outfit was Uncle Davids when he was a little boy. I thought he looked precious, but I guess this face shows what James thinks about it. Lol. 

Making a marble tower 
We love being with Nene and Pappy! 
I probably have put this on the blog before but just in case there is a story behind my parents being called Nene and Pappy.  My dad was the first of the grandparents to know what he wanted to be called when we found out we were pregnant. He wanted to be called "Granddaddy".  How creative.  However after James was born on one of our trips home my brother jokingly referred to him as Pappy and somehow the name stuck.  My mom on the other hand wanted to be Granny Deb.  Her mom was my Granny and all of her sisters are called Granny. Well, James couldn't pronounce Granny but got the second half of the word (the Nee) and it turned into Nene. Funny how kids sometimes pick the names for the grandparents, and now I can't imagine them as anything except Nene and Pappy! :) 

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