Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Visiting with the Hollands

We got to do all sorts of fun things while in NC and we began our trip with a fun party at Nana and Pop's house.  James and I were in NC a few days before Ryan came and Nana invited some of her co-workers and their children/grandchildren over to the house for a party and an egg hunt. 

So happy to be in NC!

James helped Nana put the finishing touches on the cupcakes 
 Nana had the good idea for each child to pick a type of stickers to stick on their eggs.  When it was time to hunt they were supposed to only pick up the eggs that had their stickers on them.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the kids understood the concept and followed the directions. It also made sure that every child got equal numbers of eggs and that the hunt lasted more than 2 minutes. 

Getting our eggs ready 
James chose the sports stickers 
Playing trains with his friends 
She also had eggs for the kids to dye 
And she had a basket for James to use for the hunt 
Get ready get set...


For lunch Nana had Chick-fil-a and all sorts of other yummy food

This picture made me laugh- everyone is done but my child is still eating 
Thanks Nana for the fun party! The rest of our time with the Hollands was spent playing at the park, running on the golf course, and of course playing with all of their fun toys. 

Learning to play ping pong 
First time in the golf cart- major highlight of the trip for James 

He loves his Pop 

So glad Aunt Whitney flew in to see us for the weekend! 

Always a fun time at Nana and Pop's! 

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