Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Trip to NC as a family of 3

I was looking forward to this trip to NC for weeks.  We hadn't been there since our Christmas visit, and I knew that it would be our last trip home before the baby arrived.  Unfortunately despite all the fun pictures in the two previous posts this ended up being one of our most stressful trips to date.  James refused to sleep in the real bed, it took us hours to get him to sleep each night, he wouldn't nap well, cranky, etc. etc.  Did I mention that I was 7 months pregnant and dealing with James's issues was really not what I wanted to be doing on the trip? I called Ryan about 48 hours into the trip and said that if we had a car I would be getting into it to drive home! Anyway, a few of the things that saved our sanity was some fun things/getaways that we had planned as well as the help from our families.  We are hoping/praying that our next trip will go a little smoother! 

One night my I took James over to see Marianne and Hayden.  They brought out all of Hayden's old trains, and James was perfectly content to play there while Marianne and I chatted. And I really needed some friend time then! 

We had some job-related getaways.  We briefly thought about taking James with us to the beach but after he was giving us so much trouble we left him behind and soaked up as much relaxation as we could in 24 hours! 
Beach I miss you!

32 weeks (I think) 
Nothing like a water view for lunch 
We got to meet David and Greer for dinner while in Wilmington 

Later that week we had another mini job getaway for the night. It wasn't the babymoon I was dreaming of but at least the people paid for a nice dinner and a hotel for us, haha! 

Ryan made me take this picture
Another highlight for me was getting to see my old bible study girls as we celebrated Ashley's upcoming marriage. We started off our girls' night with dinner and then went to a paint your own pottery store.  Afterwards we had a honeymoon shower for Ash and gave her some stuff to take with her when she heads to St. Lucia.  I love and miss these girls so much!

This pic is a little cheesy but we had to get a bump shot together

Love these ladies!

The next day I met Shannon, Ashley, Sara, and Reese for breakfast before they all headed back out of town. We had been wanting James and Reese to get to hang out together- they haven't seen each other since they were 2 months old! 

Always interesting eating out with 2 year olds 
Hugs and kisses
I really shouldn't do this to myself but I had to drive past our little house on Chippenham. Such great memories of living there. 

When the trip was finally over we were really sad to say goodbye to everyone but truthfully we were just SO ready to get back into our routine and try to get James back on track (which ended up taking a very painful couple of weeks but that's a whole other story).  Of course what better way to end a trip when you are already exhausted than by with a long layover that gets even longer after your connecting flight is delayed twice? And are we really going to be doing this with two kids next year? To say we were excited when we pulled into our driveway is an understatement.  It was a great trip in terms of seeing people we love but boy were we happy to be home! 

Flight delay 

Very cranky and tired 2 year old

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