Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Girls' Weekend Extravaganza!

This was a first for me- a girls' weekend getaway!!! (well, since having James)  I have only spent a few nights away from him since he was born, not because I haven't wanted to do some special things but the logistics of trips, etc. when you live so far from family and have a resident husband are not always the easiest to plan. One day on a whim after seeing that Wicked was coming to Dallas I texted Kathleen and said, "Don't you want to fly in and meet me?" To my excitement she said "Yes!"  And our sweet husbands immediately got on board and told us to do it and they would make it happen. Kathleen is one of my most special friends. The funny thing is we didn't even become friends until the second semester of our senior year, yet we have stayed in touch ever since. I remember when I first started hanging out with her thinking, I don't know if there has ever been someone who has such similar beliefs as me in terms of teaching, life, and now mothering. Not to mention she is a ton of fun to be with!  I think any mom appreciates a weekend away. However the fact that me and Kathleen both are stay at home moms and live extremely far from family made us appreciate the time away and with each other even more.  The only negative part of the trip for me was that I came down with a sinus infection and felt pretty crummy the whole time. However it felt awesome to get to just lay on my bed and chat with NO responsibilities whereas if I was home they would definitely have not been the case. 

On the way to Dallas I had to stop at Dairy Palace and get a cheeseburger and milkshake which had been recommended to me (thank you Jennifer!). Very tasty! The benefit of being able to stop whenever I wanted to and listen to whatever I wanted on the radio got this trip started off in the right direction. 

I arrived at the hotel- so excited to have a big bed waiting for me and lots of relaxation in store.  That night we walked around the mall, got pedicures, ate, and chilled. It was great! 
The next day we had all sorts of things that we could have done but both of us just wanted to basically do nothing, something we never do, lol. We got up late, ate breakfast, did a little shopping, and just lounged around. Then it was time to get ready for Wicked.  

Dinner before the show
I don't know if I should even write about this next part of the trip. Long story short Kathleen and I lost the car and spent over 30 minutes looking for it. We both remember exactly the same thing about where we parked it. Finally in desperation we took a cab (which ended up being a whole other fiasco) so we wouldn't miss the play. The play was great and while we were there my sweet husband (who probably thought I had lost my mind) contacted the mall security and arranged for a security officer to drive us around the parking deck when we got back. So...at midnight we drove around for seriously a REALLY long time and still couldn't find the car. We kept telling the man "B2".  At this point we thought the car had been stolen and then suddenly the man said, "Oh B2. I bet its in the basement." Needless to say we were thankful to find it!!!

Oh parking garage- we will never forget you
Overall it was a fabulous weekend, and we have decided we need to do one somewhere every year. Thank you SO much to our sweet husbands and my mother-in-law who made it possible for us to go. 

I miss this girl! 
I would never have been able to do this trip if my mother-in-law had not graciously agreed to come help with James. Ryan had a work conference in town so he was in and out all weekend. James loved getting to spend some time with his Nana! 

Nana and James made a tent out of the sheet 
I think the three of them had quite a few yummy treats while I was gone. :) 

Thank you so much Nana for taking such good care of my sweet boy. It was the greatest gift ever to be out of town and not have to worry about him! 


  1. donuts and ice cream?? sounds like a Nan was babysitting!!

    Did you love Wicked???

    1. Loved it! I love any broadway type show but I thought this one especially great. Hope you are getting to go to one when you go to NYC this summer.