Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break with Nee Nee

When we had a change of plans and I decided not to go with Ryan to Florida for a conference, I knew that I didn't want to be in Shreveport alone the whole time.  James was also on spring break from Mother's Day Out and still wasn't walking so I KNEW that we were going to need some extra entertainment and help. So... who better to come to visit than Granny Deb! (better known as "Nee Nee")   Within twenty-four hours of her getting here she had bribed James into walking again!  We spent the week together doing all sorts of fun things. 

Hurray! Granny Deb is here to see me! 
We did some shopping around town. 

Cool tiger 
James talked to Pappy on the phone. 

We used my coupon to Orange Leaf.  Not ever going there again- unfriendly people and no high chairs. 

A new way of carrying the kid 

Practicing those golf skills 
We made some spring-time cookies.  James always begs for cookies, but he doesn't even like to eat them. 

Eating just the icing. A child after my own heart. 


We spent a morning at the Norton Art Gallery gardens.  We had quite the adventure trying to keep James still for pictures.  Who would have ever known he hadn't been walking for the past five weeks??? 

After we went to lunch at one of my new favorite places: Counter Culture.  That turkey melt is goooood! 
James and Granny shared a humphrey 

We also had to stop by Rollin' in the Dough (on another day of course) 
So yummy 

We had our follow up appointment with the orthopedic doctor for more x-rays.  The good news is that the leg is doing better.  I love how you go to those "specialists" and you wait forever and then they spend less than five minutes with you.   And yes I'm married to a specialist and I let him know my thoughts about all that. :) 

We were so glad when Ryan got back from Florida! 

We also made a trip to Gators and Friends 

We got to hold a baby alligator! James touched it and said, "Ewwwww". Don't think he was too impressed. 

First horse ride 

James, put that thing down! Lol
The other big adventure of the week was discovering the water hose or the "wah ho" as James calls it.

It started off as this: 

And then quickly became this: 

Daddy don't make me stop! 
It was a great week together and I was very thankful to not have to entertain James all by myself.  Thanks so much mom for your help!  We love and appreciate you so much! 

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  1. Emily, can I just say that you have the absolute cutest kid in the world!!