Friday, April 20, 2012

A Peek into Our Week

Here is a little peek into our week in NC. While we were in NC for Easter we got to do a lot of other fun things and visit lots of special friends and family. Our time there always goes by way too fast, and we are so sad to leave!

Sara picked me up at the airport and my mom along with Amy and Eve met us in Wilson for lunch.  Sara is a saint.  Picking up a friend, a toddler, carry-on and checked luggage as well as a car seat is not something all people would do! 

What a great welcoming committee! :) 
James would have been happy to have spent the entire week outside playing in the yard.

JT loves his Pappy 

Climbing trees with Granny 
Sweet boy 

Taking care of the trash on the tractor
Still a little obsessed with playing with balls! 

He also managed to find some fun things to play with inside as well.

Cool toy

One afternoon we decided to go pick strawberries.  James thought it was more fun just to run around than to actually help pick.

My mom knows a thing or two about picking strawberries since she was a farm girl growing up. :) 

Everything lately is a hat, even a strawberry basket 

He was a little more interested in the animals.

And he was REALLY interested in the homemade ice  cream!

I don't think Granny Deb and Pappy minded getting up with this sweet face each morning!

Ok, yes this is a strange outfit. My dad said he looked like a clown. However   it was COLD  while we were there and  I had already packed up all his winter clothes.  

I was so excited to see Judy, Meredith, and William. It took a lot of work for Meredith and I to get a picture with both grandmas and grandsons. Can you believe I have pictures of our moms with me and Meredith at this age???   

Kathleen was in town visiting from Chicago. and I was so excited to meet sweet Collins!

It was a great week of hanging out with friends, eating at favorite places, taking walks around the neighborhood, and of course taking advantage of having the grandparents' help! 

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