Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Last Minute Visit

At the very last minute I decided to fly up to NC with James for the week for several reasons:

1) The roof people were driving me a little crazy
2) It was my mom's birthday
3) I missed the rest of the people there
4) JT only gets to fly free for 6 more months!!!!

This is what our week looked like: (warning- picture overload!)

We went out to eat... a lot! 

Mom- draw me a moon on that paper!

You are the greatest artist ever! (haha, anyone who knows me knows this sarcasm)

My mom had the bright idea to bring an ice-cream cone to the restaurant to keep him happy while we ate. 

Our bag of tricks to try to have a peaceful dinner: crayons, stickers, and toys!

Hmmm...this rice is pretty good

James continued his obsession with trash cans...

James- the ball does not go into the trash can!

He took out every single can...

So he could put the trash in the trashcan!

Let me take these diapers on to the trashcan while I wear this bucket on my head

Helping Granddaddy out

We visited with special friends 

We visited with family 

Getting tickled by Aunt Randy

Hanging out with Uncle David


We took a trip to River Park North 

Checking out the turtles

Yikes! Can you tell I took this one myself? Haha!

Even River Park North has a trash can!!!

Got a haircut by Ms. Jenna (who has cut my hair since I was 7!!!!) 

This was also the first time to try a sucker

Had fun in the bathtub

And even skyped with Daddy while in it! 

Celebrated my mom's birthday
This cake was from James for his "Nene"
Birthday dinner- adults only :)

Happy Birthday Mom! Thank goodness for the self-timer on the camera!

Opening her birthday card from us

We played outside...a lot

James helping Granddaddy fill up the fountain

And of course James had to celebrate his 18 month birthday while we were there as well. :) 
I still remember when David had these clown cones at his birthday party as a kid. I thought they were so awesome.

 Such a fun trip!!!

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