Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Injury Part 2

Let me start this post off by saying that neither Ryan nor myself have ever broken a bone.  Well, technically I did fracture my skull in 8th grade playing softball but that doesn't really count in my mind.  So how is it possible that our sweet 18 month old is ahead of us in the broken bones department???  

Last week after James fell we were told he had a hip sprain.  By Sunday he still wasn't walking or standing, and we were not satisfied with the diagnosis so we went back to the doctor first thing Monday morning.  I was so thankful Ryan was able to come this time. HUGE blessing!  More x-rays revealed...a broken fibula bone on the right side.

We definitely learned from the x-rays last week. Bring the ipad!!!
 Next we were referred to an orthopedic specialist.  I love how you get to wait so long at these places.  We definitely had the youngest patient by a few decades.  The funniest part was filling out the paperwork.  When it asked for James' occupation I was really tempted to put, "Running his parents lives".  Instead I just crossed out student and put "toddler", lol. 

We have watched WAY too many Wiggles lately.  Oh well.  And as a side note the ipad definitely helped save our sanity multiple times during this experience. 

Finally we made it to the exam room. He must be playing hookey- that face is too happy to be hurt! 

After a talk with the orthopedic doc it was decided that he didn't need a cast (according to this man you shouldn't ever cast a kid this age) and that he should heal eventually on his own.  We are supposed to try to get him to rest and "take it easy".  Hmmm... not sure how to do that with a one year old.  The bad news is James isn't going to be able to walk for 3 or 4 weeks!  At least he has learned how to shimmy across the floor on his bottom to get around the house which is pitiful but also slightly hilarious at the same time.

We dropped Ryan off at the VA hospital and went home.  Of course James fell asleep in the car which ended up being his only nap of the day.  By that afternoon I was pretty worn out. After we picked Ryan back up I told him that James and I decided since he had a bum leg and a hard day we might as well go out to eat and not cook. :)  It didn't take much convincing. Off to Shogun!
I can't believe I went out in public looking like this

Yummy rice

What is that cook doing???

Thankfully James is going to eventually be fine.  I did feel like a pretty bad mom when I dropped him off at Mother's Day Out today and told them, "He has a broken leg, but the doctor says he can come today." The lesson in this whole experience is to make sure all parents put those socks with the skidders on the bottom on their kids.  Falling can be hazardous!


  1. Bless his little heart! Poor baby! That part about taking him to Mother's Day Out is pretty funny!

  2. Poor little JT! He looks so happy and sweet!