Sunday, December 4, 2011


Thankful for so many blessings this year, more than I could ever list,  but here are just a few.

Thankful for our families back "home" who have supported us in numerous ways.  Thankful that we have remained close even though we live so far away

Thankful for friendships, something I will never ever take for granted again.  

Thankful for Mother's Day Out- my sanity saver each week.  I will forever be grateful that Ryan insisted that we should put James in it, though it is a financial stretch for us, and that I shouldn't feel guilty for doing it.  As much as I love staying at home with James those few hours a week to myself are precious! 

Thankful for time here as a family of three and for the lessons we are being taught during this season of life. 

Thankful for a husband who loves me even when I'm hard to love, who supports me, encourages me, laughs with me, and who lives his life as a wonderful example for our son

Thankful for our child who challenges us in so many ways and enriches our lives more than we ever thought possible.  How can you learn so much from someone so little?  Thankful for the laughter and entertainment James brings to our home and for the unconditional love I never knew I could give or feel until I became a parent.   

Above all I'm thankful to the One who blessed me with these and so many more, Jesus Christ.  

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." Psalm 117:2  

Thanksgiving was especially special this year because we were able to spend it with both of our families.  Ryan flew into Wilmington to meet James and I along with the rest of the crew, and we had a wonderful dinner all together.  

Checking on that turkey

The food was AWESOME

James sure thought it was good!

The newlyweds :)

Greer was so sweet to host dinner for all of us at her house

JT's number one thing he is thankful for: the ball

I just had to include this- JT's craft from school. Definitely a keeper!

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