Monday, July 31, 2017

July Misc

We have been making the most of these hot summer days! Lots of fun and a whole lot of time together :)  One more month until school starts back!

Fun morning teaching James's Sunday school class 

Love this picture of James and his best friend Greyson.  The boys look so similar with their dark shaggy hair and Lily's expression in the background- priceless! She and Harrison were NOT pleased that they did not get to attend camp

He didn't get to go to camp but he did get a special breakfast date with his Mama while the babies did speech

We stopped by the park one day to play and I realized that Harrison did not have on pants, just his boxers! #momfail 

Dress like a cow day!

Ryan's OR nurse is an amazing baker and she had made peach cobbler bars.  Harrison LOVES peaches and Ryan had left this note for him for when he woke up. I thought it was so sweet! 

Someone loves his biggest brother! 

James is unbelievably patient with A and K

I sent this to Ryan and joked that these two needed to be on the billboard for the hospital.  

Art project time!

I got to meet these sweet friends for a yummy dinner mid week. Such a treat!

Harrison went grocery shopping with Nana and put what he needed in his cart- love that mischievous smile

Breakfast al fresco! 

The worlds largest float 

Thankful for my helpers!

Our new rocket launcher 

Double cuteness 

Lunch with friends 

A quick grocery run 

VBS performance 

I was so proud of the boys for donating their money to the VBS charity that week.  Harrison was the one who initiated it! 

Kathleen flew in from Chicago and we had a great long weekend together
Kathleen and I didn't really become friends until our senior year of high school but how funny is it that we were also in preschool together???

Dinner out with Greer! 

Brunch with mimosas and no kids- what more could you want? 

Meanwhile Ryan had the kids at the beach to visit Nana and Pop and Davis.  What happened to Kate's hair???

Living the good life 

Loving on Pop 

Trip to Kinston Nature Center 

Riding the train 

All clean after bath!

Play date with friends

Dreaming of fall days and football season.  On this day I took all the kids to the hair salon for the boys' haircuts.  Remind me to never do that again...

My mom took H to get his picture taken and apparently he wasn't very cooperative 

Making the most out of the swing set

Boys only sleepover in the man cave 

We drove to the beach to see Ashley and meet baby Graham while they were there on vacation 

Loved getting some baby snuggles! 

On the way home we stopped by the aquarium 

Love my time with my big boys!

Harrison was so excited that they had Gatorade. I have no idea who gave that to him but he is obsessed. 

We took advantage of a break in the heat to meet friends at the park to see the turtles. 

Apparently it was captivating!