Friday, June 9, 2017

So Long 3 year old Preschool and Kindergarten!

It is hard to believe the school year is over. It flew by!  Harrison finished up 3 year old preschool a couple of weeks before James's school let out.  I absolutely LOVED his teachers and classmates this year.  They had such a sweet fun group.

End of the year chapel 

And picnic!

Harrison and his buddies 
His sweet teachers 

Last day of the year!

He has done some changing  

A few of the fun activities from the last week- shaving cream time 

His teachers brought in a snow cone machine for a special snack 
One day during the last week of school the kindergarten classes performed a musical that was written by the fifth grade classes.  Ryan couldn't get off work so I went solo with the three younger kids and it POURED rain.  There is just nothing like trying to get your double stroller and 3 young kids to the elementary school by 8:15 in the torrential downpour lol.

The rain did give us an excuse to bring out these adorable Hunter rain boots that someone let us borrow. 

A side view of Miss Fashionista 

James has loved school this year and has grown a lot. He brought home a folder with lots of his school work and my favorite part was getting to read all of his journal writings.  This was a story he wrote about Memorial Day weekend.
"On Saturday I went to the beach with Dad Harrison Andrew and Kate. Me Harrison and dad went on the boat." 

"Then when we got back I swam! We played football in the water but we did not tackle.  We played at high tide." 

"On Sunday we went home with mom. I did not go to church.  On Monday we went to the pool. I jumped off the diving board."  (Just to stick up for my parenting he did not go to church because he was sick, lol) 

"I had a great time." :) 

First Day of Kindergarten 
Last day of kindergarten 

He came up to me with tears in his eyes and said, "Mom I really am excited to be home with you this summer but I am just really ready to go on to first grade and I wish I could start next week."  I hope and pray that he will always love school and learning this much! 

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