Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

Ryan tells me that one of the first questions he gets from new patients is them asking how old he is and I always reply that all he needs to do is to tell his patients he has four kids because it gives him instant credibility. I mean surely if he can keep four kids alive then he can definitely handle whatever surgery that person needs!  Seriously though.  How many guys do you know that can take 4 kids to church alone, give them all a bath with no help, get them all fed and and ready for bed? I can't tell you how many times he has worked insane hours all day long with no break and then he comes home and somehow finds the energy to wrestle and play with the kids.  Just as important as being a good dad to the kids he also is always willing to help me have a break when I need it.  He is definitely our super dad!  This Father's Day weekend we were at the beach because Ryan, David, and my dad were taking a two day boating safety course.  They were gone from 9-5 both days but we managed to squeeze in a little time together.  

Harrison drew that nice picture of Daddy, haha

The first night we got to the beach it had just stopped raining and the weather was perfect.  We let the kids run around and they had a blast!

They have their moments but they are truly best friends 

Kate looks so excited here. They were all four in a great mood, something that doesn't happen that often!

Wave jumping!

A person on the beach offered to take our picture. I sure wish I had done something to my crazy hair...

Looking for shells 


One of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen

The humidity brings out those curls

Sand ice cream

A babysitter came one night so we could go out for Father's Day to one of my dad's favorite restaurants 

Here goes nothing- another boat ride with all 4! 

Trying to catch minnows 

Andrew wanted one but no luck. 

This girl. She is a petite thing but NO ONE messes with her. 

Harrison helped me make a special Father's Day dessert- boxed brownies, lol! Sometimes you just have to keep it simple

I got to put this sweet girl to bed one night while David and Greer were at a wedding

One of the best dads around! 

They are growing up too fast

I found this great throw back photo 
Harrison's teachers thoughtfully had him do this before school ended 

I printed one off for James. I always love these! 

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