Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bounce on Over, Harrison is 4!

In the past Harrison has not cared a bit about his birthday but this year the anticipation was wild.  He literally started counting down the day after Christmas.  Weekly he asked me to "ask Siri how many more days until June 4th?"  He just could not wait to turn 4!  He had two buddies in his preschool class that turned four the same week so we decided to do a joint party for the three of them along with their preschool class and siblings.  The kids had a blast! 

Owen, Benjamin, and Harrison are 4! 

All of our kids loved this roller coaster thing and when the party was over Owen's mom told us to just take it home! 

2 Mamas toasting to making it four years

This was the first time Kate got to wear her new bathing suit and I could not get over her cuteness 

Andrew also loved the roller coaster

We rented this enormous jump house that had a water slide which was perfect for the hot, June weather 

Pigtails, bathing suit with ruffles, sparkly shoes- she is ready for the day! 

Harrison loved working the bubble machine 

This is my wild child. At one point somehow we lost sight of him and he made it to the STREET. Thankfully our good friend saw him running to it and intercepted him.  It takes a village...

This was also our anniversary! Where else would we want to be lol? 

Andrew and Kate kept wandering around and eating random kids snacks 

The birthday boy was super excited about the watermelon. He LOVES fruit. 

Publix cupcakes!

We said "no gifts" but some people graciously brought some for the birthday boys which they were thrilled about 

Classic Harrison. We went to get a group picture of all the kids and he refused and ran off. Stubborn headstrong child! 

Great group picture! But hey, where's Harrison?! LOL

My boys! 

At one point I looked over and Kate was devouring a cupcake. The funny thing is I didn't give her a cupcake so who knows where she got it. 

Opening presents. He was so excited to have his own Lego set that was not handed down from James 

Water balloons!  What a fun day!

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