Monday, June 12, 2017

Beachin' It!

The first weekend that James was out of school Ryan was working so I decided we might as well get out of his way and go on to the beach! My parents were keeping Georgia so it was a great time to have some cousin time.

This was the sight at the school- everyone waving goodbye! We literally walked home and got straight in the car to go. 
One thing that we have loved is that the pool is an easy 5-10 min walk from the beach house and I had promised the boys ice cream so that was one of our first adventures. 

Everyone always wants a turn with Nene!

Being the mean mom that I am I had not ordered ice cream for A and K but Georgia was sweet and offered to share

Kate couldn't understand the concept of taking a bite so she kept scooping it out with her finger 

We put the kids to bed and my mom graciously offered to keep them so Dad and I could go out. to eat. So special! 


When we got back this little stinker was up.

Mornings on the deck!

Beach time! 

A and K are still not big fans of the beach but they got better as the weekend went on. Thankfully it's only a 5 min walk to the beach so we just could go for short spurts of time.  They can make it for about an hour and then they are over it. 

I managed to get Andrew to walk all the way to the beach holding my hand while Kate was on my hip and the boys walked beside me. Major milestone! 

Poor buddy- he kept trying to walk on back haha 

James was thrilled that Aida came to play for a few hours 

Life on the beach can be hard when you are one

One thing always makes it better- snacks! 

One night after the kids had been in bed for awhile I snuck in and got James up and we went for a walk on the beach. 

Love him so much!

He just talked away about all sorts of things while we were walking. His mind is always on the move. 

Back to the beach the next day!

At one point these three were all happy with their buckets. We quickly learned that everyone needed their own bucket, no sharing lol. 

Meanwhile James was practicing on his boogie board 

Andrew is actually happy on the beach- progress! 

Conversations with Nene 

Back to the pool for yet another snack!

All four of my kids are obsessed with applesauce 

While the three younger kids napped James got to have some fun with Uncle David 

Getting ready for our first boat ride on Pappy's boat. It was Andrew and Kate's first boat ride ever!

This face says it all- not a fan

Andrew slept about 30 mins and the rest of the time he was miserable. Screaming, kicking, wanting to get down and run around.  I don't think A and K are going to get to come on too many boat rides this summer...

James and Harrison sure loved it though 

Snuggles with Tia 

We made it back! Now time for bubbles!

Harrison asked to eat on the deck so he could watch the sunset 

We ended our weekend with a Popsicle and then headed home to Daddy!

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