Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summer Kick Off!

Memorial Day weekend is the official kick off for summer around here and we had a busy and fun few days. I am one of those people who craves alone time and Ryan could tell that I needed it so he offered (with my suggestion haha) to take the kids to see his parents at the beach for a night.  The house felt so quiet but I was able to get SO much accomplished! From the pictures I received it looked like they had a blast.

You can tell I wasn't around- Andrew and Kate got their first juice boxes and their first Cheetos! 

Snuggles with Whitney 

Love these sweet cousin moments

After church that Sunday I took the three younger kids to a birthday party at the park. It was fun and HOT.  
 The next day our friends who have a pool invited us over for pizza and a pool party.  All four kids loved it! I was worried about trying to keep up with all four in the pool but A and K decided they would just roam around the yard and eat snacks. :)

First time for Harrison to jump off the diving board!

"Don't even think about taking my yogurt" 

"Or mine" 


After a nice long nap time Ryan got home and we went to our pool for the afternoon.  I'm not going to lie- the pool is a stretch for us. Maybe it will get easier as the summer goes on!

We finished up the weekend with dinner at the snack bar. Needless to say it wasn't the healthiest eating few days 

And ice cream!

Including her very first ice cream sandwich 

Selfies with daddy. Kate looks confused. 

The other funny thing that happened this night was that Andrew "ran" for the first time.  The big boys were running down a hill and Andrew took off down the hill trying to catch them and the momentum got him and he started running and then just rolled on down. Poor buddy was a little traumatized but I will be honest- Ryan and I just busted out laughing. If only I had caught it on video!

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