Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Misc

Another crazy jam-packed month! I can honestly say that as the kids are getting older life is getting busier. It feels like we are always on the go! Looking forward to next month and the start of summer vacay! 

Sadly we said goodbye to our sweet sitter Angela as she moved back to Canada.  She babysat for all of these kids and I don't know if us mama's would have made it through that year first year of multiple babies without her! 

Harrison's card for his teachers for teacher appreciation.  You can't see it but on the other side it included band aids, rubber bands, and attached crayons.  Needless to say I am one of those hands off moms who believes in kids doing their own work.  You won't catch me working on a science fair project...

This was my solution to trying to take a long bike ride.  Harrison can't quite keep up.  Who knew the bike trailer could hold 3? Not to mention over 80 pounds??? 

Introducing Andrew to the art of leaf blowing. 

Bubble time!

Safety first- keep your helmet on at all times in the Holland household 

I officially started purging and giving away all my baby boy clothes. Bittersweet! 

I caught this sweet moment of James reading Brown Bear to A and K. He is the sweetest most patient brother! 
The next morning they wanted to read it again but got into an argument for whose turn it was to sit in his lap. 

Right around this time this memory popped up on my Facebook. James reading Brown Bear!  Looking at that book basket makes me realize how many times we have read these stories over and over and over
We had an unexpected day home due to a tornado warning which resulted in Harrison getting bored and cutting his hair (and the teddy bear's) and storing it in the muffin tins.  Just when you think you have seen it all...  

Nana came to the rescue and took him to the hairdresser.  Apparently when the lady was done he hopped down and muttered under his breath "I cut hair better than this lady." 

When both daddy's are gone friends get together to feed and bathe all the kiddos at once.  

I love these expressions. Kate "what are we doing?" Andrew "Oh yea!" 

Harrison has recently given up his nap most days and normally he has quiet time in his room. This day he asked to go to the playroom and I found him like this...

One of the benefits of speech therapy- coffee and bible study in peace! 

Andrew and Kate have discovered a love of the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes songs on Netflix

Sweet hugs from Rafi

End of kindergarten picture. I'm not a fan of this fake smile he keeps doing 

Wearing Uncle David's baseball shirt 

Lego creation. I think he said this was a police boat pulling a jet ski? He is way more creative than I am 
 One thing that I feel a strong conviction about is making sure each child in our family has individual time and that he or she feels special, heard, and seen.  It is easy to get lost in the chaos when you have so many children so close in age.  On this day my mom took Harrison for a quick 24 hour trip with just her to the beach.  She sent me these pictures and I almost cried. He was SO happy and just soaked up all that attention,

I personally hate this place but you go directly past it every time we go to my parents' beach place. He was so excited that Nene let him stop and go. 

Happy meal dinning al fresco at sunset.  What a life!

Getting to sleep with Nene in the king bed 

Waking up and having the beach completely to yourself 

No having to share toys or wait your turn 

Getting to have a quarter to get a prize. It really is the small things in life. 

My mom also texted me and asked if she could get him these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle light up shoes.  Call me a mean boring mother but I am also not a huge fan of that kind of thing either but needless to say when I saw that photo I said yes.  And apparently he just stayed in his bathing suit for the entire day.  

He was so stinking proud when he got home.  New shoes, Lego batman cup from McDonald's.  To quote Ryan "it was probably the best 24 hours of his life so far." 

James's class at field day 

I love that his sweet assistant sends me pictures 

One of the last days of Harrison sleeping in his crib.  The kid is finally getting a big boy bed!

 Icee truck day at preschool 

Sweetest 3 year old class 

Total bookworm 

Andrew and Kate stopped by to see Daddy at his office 

My "helper".  Harrison "mom when you have another baby we will have to get a bigger stroller" 

Angela graciously gave us these beds and I was overruled by Ryan and the boys and they insisted on having bunk beds. 

Harrison was so excited about his bed until he realized that he had to have the bottom bunk. 

We said goodbye to our sweet friends, the Faul's.  I told Lauren I wanted to take this picture bc I may never get the chance to hold triplets again. :) 

James hated to see Mack go.

Boy life- craziness. 

 One morning Harrison woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was in a terrible mood, tears, etc and just could not snap out of it.  For some reason I felt extra sorry for him so we ended up swinging through the drive through for chicken minis and a lemonade.  Needless to say that perked him up!   

His new way of drying his hair after swim lessons. 


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