Tuesday, May 16, 2017

20 Months Old!

I cannot believe these babies are 20 months old, we are getting close to 2!!! I need to stop calling them babies! This month has been fun (and crazy).  I feel like Andrew and Kate are both really starting to show their personalities and opinions.  By some miracle we have not been to the doctor's office since they turned 18 months so I don't know their heights and weights but they feel huge to me! 

Kate- You have learned lots of new words this past month.  Some of them have been animal sounds: neigh neigh, baa baa, moo.  Some other new words have been fish, shoes (which you continue to love to wear and pick out), bow (as in your hair bow), Daddy (instead of Dada), flower, and "Nanee" (which is what you call Nana). You also love to say "no".  My favorite words that you have learned this month have been "Harrison" and "Andrew".  For some reason James has been harder to say.  Another funny phrase you have learned is "bug bite" after the mosquitoes got you! 

Andrew some of your new words this month have been Nene, duck, and bubble. When you talk you have a funny Italian sounding accent especially when you say words like "Mama" which makes me laugh.  Your favorite word is bye bye and you say it to everyone we see.  You also love to blow kisses to random people.  You think it's funny to point to Kate and call her "baby". I guess technically she is your baby sister by one minute.  Your hair has continued to get curlier and your smile even bigger.  You are super fast at walking/running/climbing.  This past month you have been super attached to me and also to your pacifier which you are only supposed to have at bed time but lately I catch you sneaking it at other times.  You are definitely mischievous  and love to do exactly what we tell you to NOT do.   

Both of you LOVE to read.  Brown Bear Brown Bear is your favorite book and both you said your first two word phrase which was "Brown Bear".  You both fight over which book we read and who gets to sit where in my lap.  You are both so silly.  I often hear you laughing at each other and lots of time when I come to get you out of bed you are both laughing and jumping up and down in your cribs.  I also caught you laughing at each other in the play pen and I when I peaked in Andrew had stolen Kate's bow and was trying to put it in his hair which both kids thought was hilarious.  Both of you love bubbles and drawing with chalk and being outside.  Neither of you like animals especially dogs.  Andrew loves to pretend to cry when we get to the page in Brown Bear that has the dog.  Both of you have been getting your molars recently, have moved up to size 5 diapers at night time, and  are in 18 month (Kate) and size 2 (Andrew) clothes. 

My new favorite part of our daily routine. At nighttime we get in the rocker together and rock and cuddle.  A lot of times they snuggle up to each other, Andrew loves to rest his head on Kate's back and it is the most adorable best thing ever! 

Fight over Brown Bear

Sister won that round 

Compromise: read Brown Bear together, both on Daddy's lap

We need to work on our selfies

Killing time while waiting for speech 

They are normally the youngest patients by multiple decades. 


Another day, another speech session. I'm glad they are doing it but it has made my life way busier! 

Thankful for big brothers who can read Brown Bear 

Don't mess with this chick 

Kate in particular loves to bike! (despite her expression here) 

They are definitely on a one nap schedule but sometimes they just can't quite make it

One thing we are working on is walking while holding Mommy's hands so we don't have to use the stroller. I think it's pretty obvious we aren't quite there yet. 
One day I heard some squawking and found this: Kate was stuck in a suitcase!

Sometimes you just insist on wearing a tutu and sparkle shoes to the park 

Mr. Busy took off at the gym before I could wrangle him into the stroller 

Loves the water hose!

Kate found Scout (who was in the give away pile) and decided it was her new favorite toy 

Starting off our week with a little literature 

We have reached a huge milestone in that Kate will finally climb the stairs! She has been fully capable just unwilling 

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