Monday, April 17, 2017

Egg Hunting!

This year the kids got to do several fun Easter egg hunts- 4 in one week! We were busy!  The first one was Harrison's preschool class. His group this year is just precious and oh so funny to watch and observe! 

Ready for the hunt!

After the egg hunt we passed a hole in the wall gas station that has a little grill on the inside with the BEST burgers so we decided to stop and grab lunch. While we were checking out Harrison said, "Why don't we just stay and have a little lunch date mom?"  Needless to say you say yes to that sweet request. He always thrives with individual attention and I was so thankful to get to have this special morning with him.  

The next day it was James's turn. Some moms and I got to the park early and hid over 900 eggs for four kindergarten classes. I have never seen so many eggs before! 

They're off! 

My sweet kindergartner 

The day before Easter we were invited to a friends house to do an egg hunt, eat brunch, and drink mimosas. That is my kind of way to spend a Saturday! 

Kate kept wanting to grab eggs and carrying them around during the hunt. 

Family photo! Kate is still mad that she didn't get to keep any eggs, lol 

H was pumped about his big egg!

Tough life eating brunch on the patio riverside 

James and his best buddy Grayson

Our last egg hunt was on Easter while we were at Granny Bakers but I didn't manage to get any pictures.  It was in her front yard and I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off running after the four kids that day!  

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