Sunday, April 23, 2017


We had a wonderful Easter this year. We woke up and had breakfast together as a family and went to church, headed to lunch at Ryan's Granny's house and then to dinner with my side of the family at the beach.  It was exhausting! 

I did not even get the Easter baskets out this year until the night before and when I did I realized that poor Andrew STILL did not have a basket liner! I'm sorry buddy- I promise by next year you will!

Daddy's basket, lol. 

We don't put a big emphasis on things like Santa and the Easter bunny in our house but I admit I enjoy finding fun surprises for the kids. The reason Andrew and Kate aren't in any of these pictures is that they freaked out because we tried to delay breakfast until after we saw the baskets and those babies wake up wanting their food ASAP! 
 After breakfast I started my quest for the perfect picture of the four kids. It became a huge laughing disaster.  Both boys argued over who got to hold which baby (to which I informed them that A and K were perfectly capable of sitting by themselves for pictures at this point which did not go over well with the boys) I had to include a lot of these pictures because I thought they were all so funny and sweet!

 We moved on to try to get a picture at church. What can I say, I like pictures!

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