Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Misc

It is hard to believe that April is over and summer and the end of school are quickly approaching!  

Kate is obsessed with riding her "horsie" and she gets majorly ticked when anyone else wants to ride

Long ago I promised James when he learned to swim he could have a pet fish. I finally had to deliver on that promise, there was no more putting it off. I literally went to the pet store and said, "What is the easiest fish to keep alive? I have four kids and I can't deal with much more." 

Introducing "ROYGBIV" and "Harrison". Why did Harrison get one? Because he is our middle child and I feel the most sorry for him lol.  He took awhile to name his fish and finally said "Mom! I have thought of the most perfect name for my fish. How about Harrison???" 

Shortly after this trip Kate learned to say "fish".

This was the only place in the house that we could find where the fish felt relatively safe. 

This picture flashed up on my Facebook. Look at those chunky legs on James! 

This is how you take twins out of the tub at the same time 

I was excited to get to celebrate Ashley's baby boy who is coming this summer!

I had a quick one day trip for a bible study girls' reunion 

The story behind this picture is that we sat around Sunday morning drinking coffee and at the last minute decided to go to church and literally got ready in under 10 minutes

So thankful for these girls!!! 

"Hey Mom, I decided to paint my hands"

James's Flat Stanley who got to go to Russia on a mission trip 

Time to dye our eggs!

Got her helmet on just in case

We have a reward system for the boys and for his prize Harrison wanted to have a party in the Target cafe with Goldfish and an icy. 

Art from James

Art by Harrison 

Andrew and Kate both qualified for speech recently. We are excited that their speech therapy is at Ryan's hospital so they got to see Daddy in between his surgeries. 

Kate has had so many adorable outfits passed down to her from various friends and family. I am having SO much fun dressing! 

This kid- taking off into the woods by himself 

Looking so grown up!

Fun double date!

The pool opened! Ryan and I were both there and it was still insane trying to keep up with everyone. 

Just a little spoiled, letting her big brother feed her

Fun at school! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Break

For spring break this year I wanted to get out of the house and do something fun. I felt like with James being in "real" school we needed to try to make it special. So off to the beach we went!  We didn't make it there the whole time (I started to lose my sanity after a few days) but overall we had a great trip.  There were definitely some rough moments throughout the week but as our current family motto goes "If you aren't miserable you aren't making memories!" :) 
 Ryan was able to take off a couple of days and then my mom graciously came to give me a hand.  We are looking forward to many more beach days this summer! 

Miss Kate was not a huge fan of the beach. She basically just wanted to sit in my lap the entire time.  

And poor Andrew hated it. Every day as soon as we got out there he tried to climb the sand dunes and go back home. 

Snack time made life on the beach tolerable for about 10 mins. 

The big boys loved it! 

Shortly after this picture he ran away screaming and fell into the sand into a temper tantrum. 

Silly boys

It was hard to balance James and Harrison who wanted to stay for hours with Andrew and Kate who were ready to go back after 10 minutes. 

Harrison "Hey mom let's take a selfie!" 

Competing for Nene 

We spent a couple afternoons at the neighborhood park. It is close enough to walk to which is great. Kate loved the swing!

It was cold and cloudy this day but we didn't let it stop us. Out on the beach before 9 a.m!

Beach walk with two miserable 18 months old. Memories in the making...

"I wanna go home!" 

This picture doesn't do it justice but Andrew has SO many curls! And when it is humid outside he has ringlets all over!

Beach house naps are the best

After Ryan left I braved taking the kids solo to the Chick fil a.  This Chick fil a is "the best" according to the boys. 

Another snack! Food is the key to my children's hearts 

Mommy needs a vacation from this vacation
Poor Andrew. Trying his best to escape. The beach is just not his thing. 

He got trapped in the Ergo shortly after 

Another afternoon we went to the library. I cannot even describe the chaos my four created.  When we left the person in charge looked at me and said, "Good luck." 

Our last night we went out to eat (at 4:30 haha!) to get fried seafood. James LOVES fried flounder.

Kate discovered that she loves hush puppies. Harrison that he loves fried shrimp. It was obviously not the healthiest of meals and we finished it off by stopping at CVS and getting more blue bell ice cream. 

Snuggles before bed

Ryan surprised me and came back for our last night to hang out. How exhausted do I look in this picture?!

Finally packed and ready to go home.  After hearing both babies scream the entire way there I moved them to the third row to sit by James. If nothing else at least the noise is farther away from my seat!