Sunday, February 12, 2017

Grand Cayman

This year the conference that Ryan wanted to go to was in Grand Cayman and I was thrilled to get to tag along.  It was a quick trip but so much fun!  Of course the way things at our house go the Monday before our trip I noticed Andrew was wheezing.  I took him and Kate to the pediatrician and when she walked in she looked at Kate and said, "I thought I was here for Andrew. Kate definitely looks sick too."  Well I guess that was my mom fail for the morning but thankfully she graciously saw Kate at the same time.  When she was done with her exam the diagnosis:  RSV for both, croup for Kate, pneumonia for Andrew, double ear infections and double eye infections.  Oh my goodness! We have dealt with a lot before but this was a whole new level.  I left with prescriptions for steroids,   antibiotics, twice daily breathing treatments, eye drops and instructions to come back if things got worse.  If we had been leaving them with anyone besides our moms I never could have done it but thankfully the grandmas handled it like the pros that they are.  I was also so thankful that both came to keep the kids because just giving all that medicine was a two person job!  

We took the super early flight and stopped for a quick layover in Atlanta.  
Ryan couldn't understand me taking this photo but as someone who has nursed, pumped, and carried milk through airports I was pleased that Atlanta had recently added these. It was also pretty funny to get off the plane and that's the first thing you see!

Before long we were at the hotel sharing a late lunch
The hotel we were at was amazing and our room had the most incredible view.  I loved just sitting on the balcony. 

Pre-dinner selfie 
While Ryan was at the conference he spoiled me with trips to the spa and then afterwards I spent time on the beach just reading and relaxing. I love to read but rarely ever get to at this stage of life.  During the 3 day trip I made it through two full books and some magazines.  

Boat ride to dinner on the beach

Date night! 
Without a doubt this was one of my favorite trips we have been able to do.  I can't remember the last time I felt so mellow and relaxed, two adjectives that normally do not describe me most days. :) 

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