Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years

New Year's Eve weekend was spent this year at my parents' new beach house!  We were so excited to finally get to go spend some time there.  My parents, David, Greer and Georgia came for the weekend as well so lots of fun memories together. 

The first thing that Andrew discovered is how awesome it is to climb through the coffee table. He hit his head more times than I could count but it didn't slow him down!
"Please can I go outside mom???" 

It was pretty late the first day we got there but James and H insisted on going to play on the beach.  They had it all to themselves! 

It was a tight squeeze fitting everyone in the tub!

I thought this was so sweet, after nap time I caught Andrew and Kate "talking" and laughing with each other. 

Ready to check out the beach again!

Last summer A and K hated the beach but they enjoyed it this time

I love to kiss those cheeks!

We decided to go for a family walk and bumped into a young college age couple. They offered to take our picture and I had to laugh when I heard the guy mutter under his breath "they just keep coming" (meaning the number of kids lol) 

To celebrate the New Year the guys cooked us all some great steaks along with oysters for an appetizer. James (pickest eater in the family) got a dare to eat an oyster for money (thank you Uncle David) and he ate it! That kid understands the value of money, haha! Super fun way to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017!

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