Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jan Misc

This kid is a master builder for sure

He made this whole set with almost no help

"Why are you taking our picture mom? And why do you like us to match all the time?" 

It is getting harder to keep these babies contained! They are walking more and more each day and the chaos is mounting

Just an afternoon at the bookstore. James has become a HUGE bookworm

I'm not sure how much longer A and K are going to fit in the boys' laps...

Throughout the month of January Ryan and I did our first (and hopefully last haha) Whole30.  Anyone who knows me knows that this is so NOT my thing but I was proud of us that we did it.  This was one of our favorite meals. 

Due to the winter weather we had the bouncy house up for a few days to get some energy out 

Andrew and Kate LOVED sliding down head first.  I think they are going to be our daredevils!

"helping" mom load the dishwasher 

"Get us out of here!!!" 
I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to get the kids PLUS our friend Bo to Cow Cafe and back without any major catastrophes. Maybe we should have gone for that fifth child....

Typical: Andrew laughing hysterically.  Kate wondering why on earth I make her suffer through this. 

By the end of the month these kids were true walkers and on the move EVERYWHERE

School math night at Food Lion 

The big boys and I met Whitney and Davis for Daniel Tiger Live which they all enjoyed. 

Sweet Aunt Whitney made an ice cream cake for dessert! James was thrilled. She also cooked a whole30 dinner for me- how amazing is she?

First family bike ride!

James has had a wonderful year at school. This was one of my days volunteering and I got to play a game with him and some of his friends. 

His sweet teachers took their Friday night and came to see his basketball game. 

Another proud mom moment- my friend and I took her 3 kids (ages 3 and under) and I took my four plus James's best friend (5 kids 6 and under) to lunch at Waffle House. We literally hugged when it was over because we were so proud that we survived it and it went smoothly :)   

Andrew and Kate had buttered toast for the first time and they were WILD about it. They literally would have sat there all day eating it. 

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