Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Year In Review

2016- hands down the absolute fastest year of my life. Ryan and I both felt like we blinked and it was over.  It was a blur of intense sleep deprivation, chaos, nursing, pumping, feeding and diaper changes.  Several awesome trips. Lots of laughter and multiple emotional breakdowns from all six of us. But we made it and 2016 sure was an improvement from the year before! 

Our 2016 Highlights: 

January- I was in total survival mode trying to figure out how to balance four little kids while only having two hands.  I don't really remember much because of the exhaustion and I can promise you there were many many nights where I slept less than three hours a night. We also continued to deal with being on "house arrest" until flu/rsv season was over. 

This is how you rock double babies at night! 

We had to get creative with our feeding methods at times.
 February- We celebrated my mom turning 65!  

 We got a semi decent picture of all four kids on Valentine's Day :) 

 March- The babies were dedicated to the Lord with our family and a few close friends in attendance. 

 We made an exception to the rules and Andrew and Kate got to go to church for the first time on Easter.  I managed to get all four kids ready but went with my soaking wet hair in a ponytail! 

 April- I finally got to fulfill my promise to James and Harrison to take them to Legoland 

May- Ryan and I did what we never thought would be possible when we got pregnant with twins (because who on earth is willing to keep four kids???) and we left all the kids and flew across the country to San Diego for a conference.  Thanks Nana and Nene! 

James also graduated preschool!

June- Ryan and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary

Harrison turned 3!

July- We enjoyed lots of summer fun

August- James turned 6 and had a Lego Ninjago birthday celebration 

We took the big boys to Great Wolf Lodge and had an amazing time 

James started kindergarten

September- Harrison started 3 year old preschool 

We celebrated how far Andrew and Kate had come over the past year

Andrew and Kate turned one!!!

October- The birthday celebration continued as we celebrated all of the NICU9 turning one and us parents surviving our first year with multiples 

Ryan graciously encouraged me to go all by myself to visit Kathleen in Chicago for the weekend.  Amazing!

We went trick or treating with a ninjago, an ECU football player, Old MacDonald and his cow 

November- We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends 

We celebrated the anniversary of one year of finally having our family all together 
November 26th 2015
November 26, 2016

December- James was baptized and our family joined the church  

  We had a completely chaotic but so much fun Christmas season 

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