Friday, November 17, 2017

Field Trip Fun

The boys have had several field trips this fall which has been fun but also challenging because it can be hard to know what to do with Andrew and Kate, we are in desperate need of a morning babysitting option!  Thankfully Nana came for one and I was able to drop them off at play date for a few others.  

Our first trip was to see the play Suessical and then go to the park afterwards. 

We extended our trip and went to see Daddy at his office and bring him lunch 

I asked Harrison what he wanted for lunch and his response "one of those sausage biscuits that also has the egg and cheese on it. Oh yeah and a lemonade." 

James had a trip to a farm which ended up being the same day as Harrison's trip to the fire station.  Thankfully Ryan was post-call so he filled in for me. Ryan wasn't very good about sending me pictures from the fire station though! 

These three were excited to ride in Daddy's car 
Finally I took Harrison to a different farm this past week!

Fall Sports

After basketball last winter we took an extended break from sports and extra activities.  James was very unhappy with me about this.  All of his friends were doing soccer and t-ball but it was just more than we could handle during that time which I'm sure was hard for a six year old to understand.  Finally this past fall I told him we would try again and he could pick one thing (no easy task for James who wants to do it all).  I was excited when he chose soccer!  He ended up with a sweet team and a great coach and it was a lot of fun to watch him play.  James is obsessed with sports and after this season I'm slowly resigning myself that I may end up being a sports mom after all. 

First practice 

Harrison was a good sport having to go to practices and games. 

I found this old picture of James in LA playing soccer. It was a disaster! We signed up during a time that we couldn't even afford to do it but did it anyway, he cried and threw fits and never wanted to play.  I'm happy to say that this time was a much better experience! 

"Go James!" 

Keeping up with these two was always an entertaining challenge at the games 

I have always had a "only one activity rule" but I ended up caving and letting him also do tennis!  The tennis court is less than a mile from us, he shares a lesson with three friends from school (whose mothers graciously bring him home for me) and it only cost about $6 a lesson. It was just too good to pass up!  Needless to say, he loves it too! 

He ended up being the goalie most games 

Great season orange team! 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Miss Margaret Adele

I still remember exactly where I was in the house, cleaning up the boys' room when I got a text from Whitney asking if I could keep a secret, that she was pregnant!  Not many people surprise me but boy I was surprised that morning. So so exciting!!! When we found out she was having a girl I was thrilled for Kate to have a girl cousin on that side of the family to have as a friend.  Sweet Margaret Adele came right on her due date and all six of us were immediately smitten when we got that first picture of her with her sweet cheeks and that dark hair.  Ryan, James, Harrison, and I headed to the hospital the weekend after she was born and we loved getting to meet her.  Andrew and Kate can't wait until their turn!

I confess I stole her to hold her first. Sorry Ryan that Whitney is your sister and technically just my sister in law.  And I teared up, what can I say babies make me emotional! I can't handle all the love and emotions lol. 

These boys were completely enamored! They love their new cousin! 

They both immediately wanted to hold her. 

When I asked Harrison if he was ready to give her back to me he looked up with a little grin and shook his head no!

Ryan remarked to me that she felt so tiny and later we both talked about how crazy it was that Margaret is almost three times the size Kate was at birth and she is twice the size of Kate when we got to bring Kate home. Craziness! 

Photo credit: James Holland 

Ryan joked in this picture, "Wasn't this supposed to be our family? 2 boys and a girl?" 

More cousin snuggles 

We love you so much Margaret!