Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vivienne Rae

Way back this past winter we received a Facetime call from my brother, sister in law, and Georgia who had some big news to tell us- baby number 2 was on the way!  A few months later we were excited to find out that the cousins were going to have even teams- it was a little girl!  Kate and Georgia are so excited to not be outnumbered.  Sweet Vivienne Rae made her debut a couple of weeks early and we were thrilled to get to meet her! 

Love love love seeing my brother as a dad. He is so smitten with his little girls! 

One proud Grandma 

Pappy is a pro at this now!

Ryan and I showed up to the hospital and got to meet her when she was only a couple of hours old.  I think my face says it all, I was so excited! Lots of happy tears. 

Absolute pure joy! 

Later that day Georgia got to meet her little sister 

Pure sweetness!

A picture from a couple of days later. I cannot wait to go see her again and let her cousins meet her.  I wish I could have recorded Andrew and Kate's reaction to seeing her pictures.  Andrew kept laughing out loud.  Kate wouldn't stop talking about "baby Vivi".  Welcome to the family Vivienne! 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sept Misc

We started off September with me misjudging the weather forecast and we got caught in a huge downpour as we walked home from school 

Now that James has homework Harrison has requested that I make him homework to do as well 

Don't even get me started on my soapbox of why I dislike homework and why I find it pointless and non effective.  Thankfully James doesn't seem to mind it. 

This girl has been hilarious lately

When the weather is hot and you need an activity why not wash the little potty lol?

This occupied them for a solid hour

Of course before long people started stripping 

After Andrew saw H take his pants off of course he had to do the same. 

James had a blast at Caroline's donut birthday party 

Harrison was pretty devastated that he didn't get to go so that afternoon Ryan took him to try out the new snowball place in town. That seemed to make everything good again! 

We had a great time when Sara came to see us.

"Hey mom can I have a lot of strawberries for my cereal?" 

Walking to church 

Quick day trip to Greenville for the Anchor Run.  

Kate has become obsessed with carrying little dolls or animals or figures everywhere she goes 

Our neighbors have a trampoline and the kids love riding bikes to their house and playing on it.  This day Andrew went crazy for it! 

First day of chapel at school for A and K! 

We are still doing twice a week speech therapy.  This day we got to meet one of the hospital therapy dogs. 

We love Mr. Stuart who drives us around the hospital in his golf cart. The other day he dropped us off and Kate called out "Bye Stuart!" 

Newest favorite activity: getting in the opposite crib and jumping/playing 

For some reason they think it is so hilarious to be in the wrong bed 

I saw this cute picture outside of Harrison's class 

Cousin love

More cousin time- eating breakfast and playing cars!

I snuck away to the beach by myself to go to Greer's baby shower and that morning got to have breakfast with David. So special to have that time with just him! 

Meanwhile Ryan packed up all the kids in Greenville and made it back in time for church solo. Impressive! 

Less than a month until I get to meet my new niece! 

While I was at the baby shower these two got to go to dinner with dad 

Crazy boys 

Crazy babes 

Harrison got to practice his soccer moves while we waited for James's practice to be over 

James and I spent the morning at the eye doctor and afterwards had a quick breakfast date before I took him to school. 

The next day we had this!  

Hello time out once again! I think she is going to be hard to discipline- VERY stubborn

Waiting for Dr. Riley for our 2 year old check ups 

Lately Andrew has just gotten wild!

A couple weeks after their birthday I caved and flipped the car seats and played the car seat shuffle. When I turned around Andrew said, "Heeeeyyyy!" I'm actually considering turning them back because now we have more yelling and commotion as well as opinions on where people want to sit!

Kate and H are now in the third row due to car riding behavior lol. 

It was funny how tickled everyone was to have a new seat mate. I have already promised we will change spots ever so often. 

Feeding her babies 

Taking advantage of the hot weather

Hard at work at the paint store 

This is one of the cutest pictures ever. I can't wait to see Georgia as a big sister!

The boys and I met friends to see the new Lego movie which they loved!

Date night!

"Mom lets take a picture on your lap"

I almost had a nervous breakdown with this playroom.  Three hours and three bags of trash later it was transformed and due to some threatening the boys have been better about keeping it picked up. 

One area of parenting we have failed in is teaching James to tie shoes. Better late than never. 

Early morning craziness 

Just a peaceful morning drinking coffee on the patio...

If only I had this energy every day

Kate wanted to go "night night" in Andrew's bed with Elmo

Open house night at James's school.  

Happy dance at the park 

We had about two days of beautiful fall weather so we made the most of it.  Lately it has just been HOT.  Maybe in October fall will come to stay!