Sunday, December 25, 2016

Creech Christmas

On Christmas morning we were at my parents and in typical Holland child fashion all four of mine were up bright and early.  My mom managed to get herself out of bed to see the kids' reaction but everyone else slept another two hours! 

Our attempt at the cousin photo 

Daddy's girl 

This is just a little glimpse of the craziness of Christmas morning 

Tia showing off her present decorated by Harrison 

And David's decorated by James 

My mom playing "ride the little horsey" with Georgia and Kate

"This wrapping paper is awesome!"

Not sure how excited Kate was about her new life jacket 

The weather was pretty enough to go outside where Andrew had a blast throwing (and trying to eat) pine straw

I look scary but had to take a picture of Kate all dressed up 

Hanging with the men by the fire pit 

These things were a hit for a present. So fun to build with!

Group shot! Why are we wearing so many different types of plaid? Lol 

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