Thursday, December 22, 2016

An Early Christmas

Since this was our year to travel on Christmas Eve we decided to do our family Christmas a couple of days early.  If I had to sum up Christmas this year it would be this: mass chaos.  Babies crawling everywhere, two very excited big boys, wrapping paper shredded into millions of pieces.  At one point we lost Andrew and found him half way up our stairs.  It was nuts! 

I took about 10 pictures to get one of all four sort of looking at the camera

Kate wasn't so sure about all the excitement 

She and Andrew really enjoyed pulling the ornaments off the tree. They continued this game in Greenville where I think they broke three of Nana's ornaments in just one morning. 

James was so excited to give Harrison this ball he had bought him

Harrison was thrilled to get his hand brake added to his bike. That is what he wanted for Christmas- a hand brake!  Oh and also a really fast motorcycle but unfortunately that wish didn't come true. :) 

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