Sunday, November 27, 2016


Since we moved here one of our favorite holidays to have at our house is Thanksgiving!  This year we hosted our biggest crowd yet and it was fun and actually not too chaotic. :) The day before Thanksgiving we started off the festivities with making some homemade sugar cookies. 

That night Ryan and I snuck away for a quiet date with just the two of us

Early the next morning David showed up with the turkey and finished prepping it. It was delicious!

Hard to believe how big these two cuties have gotten! Last Thanksgiving Andrew had just come home from the hospital, was on that heart monitor, and they both pretty much lived in the rock n play the whole day.  Not anymore- they are definitely into the action now! 

I got to use both of my dining tables leaves and we managed to squeeze in 11 adults and 5 kids into the dining room! 

James and Harrison made place cards for everyone 

The weather was beautiful so we got to spend some time running around outside 

Somehow we timed the food to be ready and the four youngest children were still napping so the adults ate in peace!  They woke up just as we were finishing. 

One funny part of the day was when Ryan wasn't thinking while making coffee and this disaster happened! 

So glad most of the Cox family could join us but we did miss Madeline.  We were also thrilled that Greer's parents could join us from Miami.  I loved having a house full of people together. 

That night after everyone left we broke out the matching Christmas pajamas and attempted to take a picture

And what better way to end a great day than a silly selfie before watching the first Christmas movie of the season? 

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