Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

This was my first Halloween with all four kids at home and it was CHAOS!   Just trying to get everyone dressed made me break out into a sweat but it was such a fun night. As of Halloween morning I did not have an idea for a costume for Andrew and Kate so I looked through what all we had and came up with these two options: 
Old McDonald Had a Cow and 2 Little Pumpkins
I loved the pumpkin costumes because one was mine as a child and my sweet friend let me borrow her childhood costume as well so there was a sentimental pull towards them.  It also reminded me of how they were little pumpkins in the hospital last year.  However there was just something about Kate in that cow costume that was hilarious!!!!

First Harrison was the green ninja, then a ghost, and finally he settled on the ECU football player

James is some Lego Ninjago but I can never remember which one the gold ninja is. #momfail

Totally unimpressed with Halloween 

Our fire station had free hot dogs and dinner, hay rides, jump houses, candy, etc. so we loaded up

After our selfie attempt someone offered to take the picture for us

Due to a melt down Kate was introduced to cheetos- needless to say she loved them

Next we went trick or treating but after about two houses the babies were done. Ryan ended up putting them to bed while the boys and I kept going 
I couldn't leave out three of our favorite people in their costumes 

As well as the cutest fox ever!!!!
Halloween night was absolute insanity this year- chaos as we attempted to do these events that are "supposed" to be fun but often just end up being stressful and loud, lol.  However I kept thinking back to the last Halloween, watching the boys trick or treat while pushing Kate in the single stroller with Andrew still in the hospital and I was reminded that I am SO thankful for the chaos that is our lives these days!!!

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