Sunday, October 16, 2016

Andrew and Kate- 13 Months

Well, I meant to write this post a month ago when they turned one but better late than never!

Stats from their 12 month appointment:

Andrew- 29 inches long and 23 pounds, 7 ounces

Kate- 27 1/2 inches long and 20 pounds 8 ounces

Kate- First word was hands down "dada"  and she said it right when she saw him.  She already has her Dada wrapped around her finger!  She also can say ball, uh oh, no no, and every now and then I hear a mama (normally on the monitor when I'm in another room).  She has six teeth, is wearing mostly nine to twelve month clothing, and we have used the last of the size 3 diapers so we are officially in fours even though they are a little big on her.   Kate is our child who loves to snuggle and cuddle.  She will gladly rock with you in the rocking chair and she is definitely a mama's girl right now.  I sometimes catch her sucking her thumb if she gets really upset but not often and she refuses a pacifier.   Her wild hair is "starting" to calm down but her daddy loves to style it in crazy ways.   She is more hesitant and not as into everything as Andrew is.  When she gets upset she will literally lay flat on the floor sobbing.  She hates it when Ryan rough houses her.  She is our picky eater. She will stare at her plate and pick out every carb and then screech her ear piercing scream when she wants more. She typically naps longer than Andrew and sleeps later in the morning.  She can stand for brief moments alone.

Andrew- First word was ball and he can also say dada (sometimes) and uh oh.  He has six teeth and he is by far our best eater and will try almost anything.  He is VERY fast at crawling and always makes a beeline for open doors, the bathrooms, and the stairs.  His favorite thing to do is try to take the night light out of the outlet so he can play with the plug... He can stand alone for a good while and is into every thing possible.  He is our thrill seeker and LOVES it when Ryan rough houses him. He loves to be spun and thrown up in the air and turned upside down.  He is happy and independent and he gets so excited in the morning to see his big brothers. He loves to pull books off the shelf and take things out of drawers.  He wears mostly 12 month clothing and he is heavy!  I'm a little biased but I think he has the most adorable smile.  He is overall very happy but when he gets mad he clenches his fist and screams!

Recently both babies have given up the bottle except for before bed and have transitioned completely to whole milk.  Both ended up being super easy transitions which I'm thankful for. I'm thrilled to not have bottles in my dishwasher but am astounded by the amount of milk my crew is consuming, around half a gallon per day.  They also eat an insane amount of food each day.  Both babies normally take a short 45 minute nap in morning and then (hopefully) a longer nap in afternoon, both mostly sleep through the night give or take a few moments of screaming.  They are both extremely easy to put to bed.  We literally just dump them in the bed, turn on the sound machine and are gone.  After we shut that door it takes a whole lot to get me to go back in before 6:30 this next morning. :) They also recently switched to their big kid car seats after realizing Andrew had almost outgrown his infant seat.  They both notice each other a lot, they love to crawl after each other and laugh and giggle and are terrible about stealing toys and pulling each other's hair. Andrew in particular loves to yank out Kate's hair bows and then laughs when you tell him no.  They absolutely adore James and Harrison and every morning I see all four of them lined up eating breakfast together at the kitchen counter and I STILL can't believe I have four kids and two of them are twins!!!

13 Months Old!

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