Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct Misc

Another wild and crazy month behind us. All four kids sick with hand foot and mouth, a week out of school due to a hurricane; life is definitely never dull around here! 

Hanging with the Pirate at the football game

H insisted on having his own loaf of bread for breakfast 

Everyone wants Nana!

Snack time at our house. No judgement please! 

Andrew was super excited about breakfast this day. Kate and her crazy hair on the other hand...

Grandparents Day! 

Andrew hardly ever cries but he is pitiful when he does! 

Nothing like a good game of Old Maid or "old main" as Harrison calls it 
Movie night and dessert picnic 

My cute little pumpkin 

First bike ride
My helper sweeping the kitchen 

This was one  of our last days with bottles. They were both over it for the most part. 

I confess I kept the bottles longer than they even wanted because it gave me a chance to snuggle them at night and I wasn't ready to give it up! 

Sweet Lucy Doak! Kate is so excited to have another friend. 

I took the four kids to Dunkin Donuts because we had free coupons which may have been one of the most stressful experiences I have had to date as a parent. The boys BEGGED me to let the babies try a donut hole.  The irony of this story is it was so crazy that I didn't even remember to use the coupon which was our whole reason for going!!! 

Big boy date night at Waffle House!

The weather was beautiful this month so we tried to take advantage of it and be outside as much as possible. I love eating outside because then I don't have to clean the kitchen! 

Marianne and Joe came to meet us for a double date. So fun! 

We love the new park that was built this year. 

How cool is this swing? They need room for just one more. 

I have been trying to make an effort to take the babies out with one big kid on the weekends to give them some extra attention and experiences.  Today was Kate and Harrison's turn. We started off at the grocery store. 

Harrison was thrilled to buy this little pumpkin. 

Next we went to Lowes. I never thought I would say this but it was so amazing to just have two kids. No need to get out the double stroller, and only two to load into the car! 

He was intent on guarding that pumpkin. 

Ryan and I escaped for a very quick one night getaway to Beaufort for his birthday. 

We came back to both James and Harrison having hand, foot and mouth. 

I have seen a whole lot of hand foot and mouth in my years as a mom but Harrison's was absolutely terrible. I have never seen such a bad case. He was down for a solid week of misery. 

We finally got tooth brushes for the babies. I was a little embarrassed when the pediatrician asked if we brushed their teeth and I realized they didn't even have a tooth brush. #momfail 

Code brown in the bath tub.  Drew baby has pretty much always been the culprit. 

We had been stuck in the house forever due to hand foot and mouth and this day I decided for no reason to dress Kate up.  Her expression obviously says what she thinks about all this. 

David turned 35 and Greer surprised him with a boat cruise and we got to come along. 

All ready for the fall festival at James's school

We were so glad Georgia got to come!

Watch out Chick fil a- we are coming for you!

We got to celebrate Georgia's birthday. I can't believe she is two!!!

Kate showing off what we call "the back arch". She loves to do this when she gets mad, when you try to put her in the car seat, stroller, etc.  

Cousin time with Davis!

Just when you think you have all the baby gear in the world I discovered these pop up high chairs which have been a game changer for eating at the park. 

I was so proud of myself for bathing all the kids and having things "together". Well shortly after this picture Andrew pooped in the tub and complete chaos broke out.  

I finally bought these poor kids some shoes 

Fun with Mack and Rafi!

James's kindergarten picture. Check out all that hair! 

Hat day and crazy sock day at school 

Showing off his new trick- standing! 

Ever since my friend Kathleen moved to Chicago I have wanted to visit and life kept getting in the way.  Finally late one night after a long week with the kids I just bought a ticket and decided I was going! I had no idea who would watch the kids or what I would do but one way or another I was getting there. 

Such a fun trip! Lots of relaxing and eating and catching up! 

While I was gone James won the character award at his school. So proud of him!

Ryan sent me this pic of the fun he and H were having together. 

My mom took the big boys to the football game and parade and they ran into Whitney and Davis!

The last day I was gone Ryan sent me this picture. He had run out of milk and didn't have car seats to take the babies to get more. He gave them apple juice instead (which they have  never had before) and he said they took one sip and looked at him like "um dad...what exactly are you doing and what is this?" 

Best part of the trip was getting last minute tickets to see Hamilton. Such a great show and what a fabulous trip!