Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Harrison's First Day of Preschool- 3's

This year in preschool Harrison is in the 3 year old room which means he got to move to the big kid building! Part of me couldn't believe that he was old enough.  He gets to go to all the classrooms over there during center time: art, science, creative play, music, etc. I can tell he is learning so much this year and we love his sweet teachers!  The first couple of weeks of school this year were ROUGH. He had a really really tough time going to school without James which surprised me. He cried for days at drop off and kept asking for James to be there with him.  He has been a little lost since James went to kindergarten.  Thankfully he has now gotten over it and is a much happier camper.  It has also been an adjustment for me to figure out balancing the schedules of preschool, elementary school, and twins who still take two naps a day!  

Getting ready for the first day of school!
His teacher texted me these- my silly boy! 

One morning after leaving him screaming and crying I got this picture a bit later. He obviously recovered fast! 

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