Thursday, August 18, 2016

James Turns 6!

James wanted a smaller, low key party this year for his birthday so that he could go to the Lego store in Raleigh to pick out a present instead with the money saved from not having a big expensive party. He asked if he could still go to dinner with a couple of his friends for a small birthday celebration though- gotta love the kid, he managed to convince us to do both of his requests, lol.  He really wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings which is his favorite place to eat dinner because you can watch sports and they have these tablets that the kids get to play games on.  It was the easiest, simplest party ever! And the kids' meals were half off so it was also cheap! James is super obsessed with Lego Ninjago and wanted a Ninjago themed party. We had to get creative but Ryan's mom and Granny worked together to make the kids these Ninjago costumes and they went crazy for them!   

On the way to dinner!

For the record we do not do technology at the table any other time but we do make the exception here
I cannot believe this kid is 6!!!

I ordered this cake topper from Etsy and slapped it on a Harris Teeter cake and the kids thought it was amazing

You may notice two members of the family missing- sorry Andrew and Kate, maybe next year you can come.  That early bed time is a bummer! 

The next morning was his real birthday and we had a few more surprises for him. 

My mom made him this elaborate card. 
She is WAY more creative than me

I let the boys have breakfast in bed (or in the case on the floor) and James requested chocolate chip muffins 

Had to get at least one picture of these two cuties. They were excited for James's birthday as well
Showing off his new watch 

Birthday hugs from Nana and Granny Baker 
Dear James,

I can't believe another year has sped by and you are now SIX!  So much has happened in our family this past year, and you have amazed me with how much you have grown up and how well you have handled all of the challenges we faced.  You are kind and compassionate, always willing to help me when I ask, an incredible loving big brother and you have the most tender heart for others and for Jesus.  You love school, playing games, building with Legos, and any kind of sport.  Your favorite foods are still chicken, applesauce, and ice cream and your favorite color is blue- nothing has changed about those the past few years!  As I always tell you- you were my first baby, the one who made me a mama and I love you more than you will ever know.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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