Sunday, August 21, 2016

Great Wolf Lodge

For James's birthday he asked if instead of a big party he could have a couple of friends go out to dinner with him and then we could take him to the Lego store. It ended up that we had the opportunity to also spend a night at Great Wolf Lodge as well and we had the best time!  We told both boys it was to celebrate their birthdays as well as to say farewell to a great summer before school started. 

On the way there we stopped at the nicest McDonald's I have ever been to in Cary. The play ground was awesome! These boys probably would have been happy just to have gotten to go to McDonald's (not our normal place of choice to eat) and to play on that play ground. They were so sad when we left, lol. 
We made it!

Family wolf ear selfie
Our "wolf" faces, haha! 

I was impressed that Harrison went down this slide by himself
James loved this thing- he probably did it 30 times 
Our moms along with Granny Baker pitched in to take care of the babies back home. I feel bad they get left out of a lot of stuff but this trip would not have been possible (or any fun) if we had brought them.  Their time is coming! 
The boys had a blast playing putt putt. They played the course three times. 

We let them pick a dessert. James chose dippin dots and Harrison chose a candy apple.  That right there sums up how different these two kids are!
I went to work out while Ryan took the boys to the arcade. Apparently they blew through $20 in about five minutes. 
Too much excitement and sugar makes it hard to settle down for bed. Harrison was so proud of his candy bracelet he won at the arcade. 
The next morning we went to the Dunkin Donuts for breakfast for the kids and coffee for the parents.  It was right by the lobby so we snapped some pictures. 

They also joined in some kid yoga
 Then it was back to the water park!
James convinced Ryan to do this thing 

And I convinced James to go on this tube ride 
I'm getting too old for this stuff 

Our boys have loved the pool this summer so they were thrilled to be here 
After we checked out we headed to the mall that was close by that also has a Lego store 

It even had a carousel!
Ryan has a dippin dot obsession so he convinced me they needed one more helping before we hit the road 

Next we got to spend a few hours with Rod, Whitney, and Davis. We got to see their new house, hang out for a bit and then headed to a yummy Mexican restaurant where the kids were actually pretty well behaved so we had an enjoyable dinner!

Oh Harrison...

As we left Raleigh to drive the rest of the way home we saw this rainbow- a perfect way to end a super special trip together! I have told many people that this trip gave me a glimpse into life with young children versus life with babies/toddlers and there is a lot to look forward to!  The boys did so well traveling, sleeping at the hotel, etc- many things I would not have been able to say even a year ago.  There is hope for family vacations in the future! :) 

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