Saturday, July 16, 2016

Andrew and Kate 10 Months

This has been a big month! A couple of days after the nine month birthday Andrew started crawling. I thought it would be awhile before Kate caught on but just a week later she was crawling too. Life will never be the same now that they are mobile! They both went straight to a belly off the ground crawl, no army crawling for these two.  Andrew is now super fast and will gladly follow you anywhere you go. I laugh whenever the both see me and start crawling over to and then all over me.  We have been on a mission to keep them from the big boys' little toys which has proved to be a challenge.  Recently I have also caught Andrew pulling up and Kate can now go from laying to sitting.  The other big milestone is we have teeth! Kate got the first one, bottom left, and then a week later Andrew got the same one.  Kate now has two and Andrew has one and a half.  It's been interesting to me that they have reached so many milestones within just days of each other.  For the most part they take two naps a day and for the most part they sleep through the night. Of course as I write this post we are coming off of ten days of sickness, fevers, pink eye, and double ear infections so we have been back to multiple night awakenings which I'm hoping will disappear soon because I am currently one tired mama.  Both babies are loving food, Andrew is currently the better eater in terms of variety.  Both are getting better at feeding themselves and I am amazed at the dishes I do each day for these four kids, the amount of food they consume, and how awful the floor looks after a meal. Most days I sweep a minimum of twice and it still looks awful! Probably their favorite food is banana mixed with avocado. They also tasted their first real sugar when we took these pictures and they attacked their cupcakes!

Andrew's left eye was half swollen shut. Poor guy! 

Kate was sick and miserable here! 

Cupcakes make everything better!

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