Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harrison Turns 3!

In some ways I can't believe Harrison is three but in other ways it seems like he has been around forever!  I had big plans for a party this year for him but he really wasn't interested. Finally he said he just wanted to do a family party. Great with me!  

He was in summer camp at preschool and I promised we could make cookies together to take.  Why I didn't do the box kind I do not know. 
This is my mom's homemade cookie recipe- brings back so many memories from my childhood making them with her!
By the time I got the other three to bed and finished these cookies with him he got to stay up till almost 10- whew! 
The told me he really wanted some black on his cake, I couldn't handle more than just the "3"
On Harrison's real birthday we were at the beach with my family so we had a small celebration with my parents, David, Greer, and Georgia.

My dad got these balloons at the grocery store and the boys loved them!
I let him pick out whatever plates he wanted from Walmart and Paw Patrol it was. Funny thing is that he hardly ever even
watches that show. 
Listening to Tia read his new book 

His special card from Nene. He has been waiting for it! 
James helping him build his Lego set 
A couple of weeks later we got to celebrate with the Holland side as we also celebrated Davis's first birthday.

I can't believe Davis is one!

The babies loved the big bubbles!

The present he had been waiting for- a real leaf blower!  Whitney and Rod got him the ear muffs- a perfect addition 
Dear Harrison,

You have been looking forward to your birthday for so long and now you are finally three!  However when people ask you how old you are you always say "Five."  You want to be like your big brother in every way. You are quite possibly one of the funniest people I have ever met.  You make your dad and I and anyone who knows you laugh ALL the time.  Our family would be a much quieter and duller place without you sweet boy- you are the life and laughter of this party.  Some of your favorite things to do are build and fix things with tools (preferably with real ones, not pretend), you love to help me cook and bake, you love to do art (especially paint, glue, and glitter), you love music and playing instruments, and you really enjoy riding your balance bike.  You love to talk and talk more than anyone else in the family.  The things you say and the way you say it is hilarious.  I often say you march to your own beat and I love that about you.  Over the past year since you and James started sharing a room you have both become much closer.  You play together often and love to play fight and wrestle, and I live in fear of the possible broken bones ahead. You had a big year as you went from the baby of the family to the big brother to the babies.  I worry sometimes about you as you have the "middle child" label.  Always know that being our middle child means you are surrounded by love on every side.   You are so special and loved by your mommy and daddy and so many others.  Happy Birthday sweet boy. We hope this next year is the best one yet!  

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  1. We are crazy for paw patrol at the McNabb house! The videos are actually pretty cute. Family birthday parties are the best kind. Happy Birthday Harrison, from one middle child to another ;)