Thursday, June 2, 2016

Big Brothers

One of the main questions I have been asked since having the babies is "how have James and Harrison adjusted to being big brothers of twins?"   My go-to answer is that one of the benefits of me having a rough pregnancy, bed rest, and then the babies being in the hospital for so long is that when Andrew and Kate finally got home James and Harrison were so thrilled to have some sense of normalcy again that they did not have a huge adjustment period.  There was very little jealousy.  I truly think that everyone in the family was so thrilled to be together and life was so much easier once we were all under one roof that the boys just jumped right into their new roles in the family.   I have been so proud of how they have handled it!  

When your babies are born 11 weeks early you don't have the big brother shirts ready and packed.  There was no hospital picture of the boys holding the babies while meeting them for the first time; it took almost 2 months before all four kids got to even be in the same room at the hospital, 10 weeks till we got to be together for the first time as a family of six.  Well Ryan's mom bought the boys these shirts and one day I thought "I'm going to FINALLY take that big brother picture that I had wanted."  Better late than never!!! :) 

I had to include this one since Kate was smiling!
Best big brothers ever!

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