Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mother's Day

When Ryan scheduled our trip to San Diego I had no idea I would miss Mother's Day with the kids!  His response, "Well you always say you want a break from them on Mother's Day".  True but I was a little sad to be across the country.  Luckily sleeping in, room service, and then a day at the spa made things a little more bearable. :) Luckily we did get to celebrate before we left. 

Snapped this of the kids in the guest room. I still can't believe I have four kiddos!
My gift from Ryan- love it!!!
I laugh every time I read this!
Mother's Day celebration at preschool. He thew the biggest fit of his life when his strawberry shortcake was gone.   Also you can't see it but the babies were in the double stroller (which didn't fit in the classroom) and were screaming so one of the teaching assistants had to deal with them so I could go sit with H. I'm sure every other parent was thinking they were glad not to be me on this day, lol. 

I missed James's celebration but thankfully Nana was willing to fill in. Unfortunately those pictures got lost somewhere between getting a new computer and a new phone!

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